Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The purpose of this entry is just to let my readers know and be extra careful.
This happened to one of my x-collegue @ friend and just share the story here with you.
Last two weeks, the said friend went to ATM machine on a Saturday evening to withdraw money. What was happened, he unable to withdraw any and when he checked his balance of money in his account, it's only RM2 left. He was blured and thorny, where did his money gone?
The next Monday, he went to the head office of the bank to find out and settled his problem. Know what's the answer he get? The bank can't detect where and which account the money had gone, the only thing they can detect is a transaction code which the money been transfered to oversea via online banking. My friend never applied and used any online banking. The conclusion, his money is gone and he can't get back any of his money.
My thought:
1. As my knowledge, transaction to oversea ONLY CAN BE DONE AT THE COUNTER by the account owner himself and not online banking which without owner's signature.
2. Something fishy and lie. This things only can happen and been done by the bank staff themselve. My friend had said that he has never applied and used online banking. Why there is suddenly an online transaction?
3. We had advised that friend to report police but I'm not sure and don't know why he doesn't want to.
4. Even bank is insecure and can't be trust now! What should we do? Put our money under the pillow or burried at the back of our house?
I hate to know this kind of case which we are hard to fight. Pity my friend, salary been banked in to that account and now it's all gone.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

that's horrible! that's true, coz bankers have ALL our details. scary!

Anonymous said...

this kind of thing is not new at all..

a friend of mine had lost her money just after the system update her account.. upon an investigation found out that, someone from malacca withdrew her money and within a minute the money transferred to oversea.

it could be done by the bank x-employee who maybe have all their customer infos, save it for his own before he left, or maybe the x-employee knows well about their banking data system and can access easily even after left their company.. who knows ?

or it could be the insider (employee still working there) sold the info to other and get paid..

or maybe, it is -us- making a transaction in the net while purchasing something from the net, without realizing there maybe someone saving our transaction info (acct # for instance) ?

whatever it is... you cant get your money back even after lodge a police report.. the police does not well expose to internet crime yet..

get all your money withdraw and save it in ASB instead..

Wiskies said...

Amanda: yes, absolutely. it's horrible and scarry. I'm worry too. we work hard to earn the money and other people simply take it & I hate this kind of case has no way to fight and settle.

Anonymous: I also did suspect that may be it's because of purchasing something on the net. however, my friend didn't mention on that. Given away credit card number is not safe indeed. & yeah may be my friend think that things will not change even after lodge a police report but how to stop this kind of things? no way to stop? rly scarry.. & oh yes hope ASB has no problem.