Monday, March 15, 2010


How old am I?

This question arise in my mind lot of time this recently. I forgoten my age for the most of my time and now I'm trying to remind and warn myself. Realize that I'm not young anymore but I believe that I'm still young. LOL.. Yeah I have nothing yet with my age now except my career, but I suppose to achieved more things at this age. I just feel like I'm still at the age of early 20'. Somehow..
Caution: do not laugh at me on this. Only me myself allowed to laugh at myself.
1. I've just registered on SPR to become a Malaysian voter YESTERDAY. LOL.. Ok I know I'm old enough now and suppose to register and went election since looooong time ago. To date, I'd missed out two (2) election in Malaysia. I'd registered now but to be frank, I don't know how to vote! LOL.. Next, I'm going to ask my dad how to vote.
2. I received a phone call from my bro last night and he have given me a very sharp advice.

"You are not young anymore. If you are thinking to have commitment by enggage and marry, then don't wait too long. It's right time now and try to become a mother before your age of 30. No matter how strong and healthy you are, having 1st baby after age 30 is very risky and tiring."
LOL. Ok thanks bro for the advice, respect, concern, understanding and support. You are a cool bro and seems like you all have smelled something on me. I'm really proud and feel touched on all of you. It just that what bro said is really made me think again, how old am I now?


Cath J said...

trust me dear.. no matter what age you reach... the feeling is still the same... only the body is getting... ermmm... old... (waduhhhhhhhhhhhh.... T_T)

Now I know what all the young auntie feels when I called them 'auntie' during those days (When I was 20's lol) ... they actually said in their heart (jeez I am old already)... LOL..

Mrs Graig said...

Age is just number ;p
btw, having one like ur bro is one thing yg plg syok sa rasa la..not like me the eldest..huhu..

Wiskies said...

Cath J, u r true.. I still feel that i'm 22 years old now. xoxo..

Mrs Graig, ya my bro is sporting enough. I'm lucky I'm the youngest & they'd treated me like a small kids most of the time. that's y I'm surprise he told me something like above.