Saturday, March 6, 2010


I bought a magazine last few days, and found that the magazine offer the previous publication by selling it with a cheaper price. Oh yeah I'm interested to have the previous publication I think, just fill in the form, name, address, pay by using bank draft or money order, then the company will sent the magazine to our mailing address. But I was surprise to see this..

Everything, I repeat. EVERYTHING in Sabah is more expensive than Peninsular. Why? As always been told, it's because of the price for 'everything' in Sabah has included the transportation fee. hmm.. Now, from the above schedule I'd captured from the said magazine, PRICE OF THE BOOK are DIFFERENT, and then it plus DIFFERENT DELIVERY CHARGES! What the hell?! I can accept and understand the delivery charge, Sabah is farer but why the original price for the magazine still have differences? It should be same price as Peninsular because delivery been charged differently!

I'm not going to order then. I just really feel like to complaint this to the related authority. This is so unfair and poor Sabah & Sarawak been taken advantage like this. *&^%$#@!!


Cath J said...

I agree with you.. they should not give different price for the mag... delivery tu ok la... mana sudah 1 msia ni... ishhhhh....

JanGkiE said...

complain jak wisiah~ mimang patut kana komplen durang ni~