Monday, February 1, 2010


Attended my cousin birthday last weekend but no photos for the event. Met my relatives and as usual they’d asked lots of questions. One of my aunt asked me where am I working and what department am I at the moment. She knows that I had studied in IT field and now working as an admin which deal with mostly with construction things. Shorten up the story yes I’m working in something which is non-related with my studied course at all. I could saw her face telling me that it was so wasted and I know she has the intention to look for an IT vacancy for me. She did that before but I had rejected.

To be frank, I was not mature enough after SPM and just accepted course that the University had offered me. As my memory, I never applied Unitar before. I’d only apply Government University and some colleges but end up I entered Unitar (which suddenly came an offer letter). I only realized that IT is not my favorite when I was in second year but quitting from the University in the 2nd year would only caused wasting money, wasting time and broke my family’s heart. Just go ahead with the study and honestly IT subjects are tough enough, just ask other IT people. And we are not only study IT things, we’d lot of other subjects including accounting, economic, management subjects ect.

Gone through that and tried / learned to look for advertisement in news paper and I realized early that every vacancy put the priority on working experience, not a good result in school. I’d tried to apply a job by using my SPM in my final year of my degree, I was lucky and I got it in a good company. Of course not an IT job, what do you expect with a lousy SPM result? I don't know how many people will believe that I have a degree but I had worked under a SPM post for more than two years.

However, when I got my degree cert, at the same time I gained my working experience. My aunt called me once she knew that I completed my study, she had recommended me to work at some places even helped me to talk to the company’s boss. I rejected everything coz of the far location which I have to go there by two buses, the salary offered same as an SPM holder, I already had a job at that moment plus few more other reasons.

It’s past few years and now, once again I know my aunt has the intention to help me to pull me out. I know her good intention however the big possibility, I’m not going to accept it for another time. I’m on the way going up and I’ll not choose to start from the bottom again. My current career is good enough for my experience gained. I have my own plan too and prefer to do my own things without relate it with my family or relatives.

Is my IT knowledge wasted? Some people say so but for me I’m not. Enter a college or University is not study the book all about. Educated made our minded and brain think differently. I don’t know how to explain but it is true. We only can know it when we are educated and tried to talk to someone who has lower educated. Minded and the way of thinking is different at all. I’m not going to have the capability to write so much in a blog like this if I’m only a SPM holder.

Quality of our minded determined the quality of our life. My life is not perfect but I know at least it is keep on growing. Still long way to go, just pray for longer age and enjoy everything we have.


Adrynna a.k.a inDut said...

Totally agree with you, moi...
all the best in your life...

Wiskies said...

Thanks indut.. all the best for you too..