Friday, February 5, 2010


Read a comment in facebook this morning, I’m not sure how true is what’s that person said but I don’t agree with him and I’m sorry, I had remove him from my friend list. He just said that “Mostly local people are lazy, demand high pay, work less and skill less.” I know he is a Sabahan, he is a representative in one sport for Sabah but I feel sad with his statement. I’d choose to remove him rather than argue in his statement.

Yes I do believe some people are lazy but not all. Actually every place is the same, lazy people are everywhere! I’d worked with lot of local and they are really good. Even my ex-boss is a very successful Bumiputra who is really hardworking & skillful. He is local Orang Sungei and he is Malaysia No.1 Architect. Most of the technical person and staffs who work under him are so skillful, so do in my current company. Most of the technical people here are so skillful and yeah some of them are local Sabahan. I’d ever deal with non-local people who only know how to talk and promise, doesn’t that lazy? I never receive what I want and they might assume that what I need from them is only silly things. Go to hell.

Working in Sabah, salary is soooooo small compare to salary in Peninsular, I don’t know what he means by ‘demand high pay’. Just look at our local people like to runway to Singapore or other country for work no matter what post, because other countries pay more higher + their higher currency. I feel sad to Sabah. Everything in Sabah is so damn expensive compare to Peninsular but the salary working in Sabah is so small. A fresh degree holder only been paid below RM1,000 salary. You are lucky enough if you can start a first job more than RM1,000 (which actually salary for a SPM holder in Peninsular). ~ sad ~~

That person might be a lucky person and he might have a big salary. I do admit that I’m a lazy person and I’m skill less but because I’ve met lot of skillful Sabahan who works like shit with small salary, I feel sad & don’t agree with his statement.

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