Monday, February 22, 2010


I just knew this too.. Source from email.

Now, do you know that..

Over 210 billion emails are sent out daily..

Which is more than a whole year worth of letter mail in the United States.

There are 3 million images uploaded to flickr everyday..

Enough to fill 375,000 pages of photo album.

43,339,547 Gigabyte data are sent across all mobile phones globally everyday..

Enough to fill 1.7 million Blue-ray Disc,

9.2 million DVDs,

63.9 trillion 3.5” diskettes.

$145 million is made from all mobile services daily..

And over $3 million is generated from Mobile Video Game.

700,000 new members are added into facebook everyday..

The approximately population of Guyana.

45 million status updated are being recorded in facebook daily,

5 million tweets in the twitter per day.

Bloggers posted 900,000 new articles everyday..

Enough posts to fill the NY Times for 19 years.

And, happy gaining some knowledge..

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Cath J said...

hahhaha... today i know... tq... :-D