Thursday, January 28, 2010


Try guess, when ladies talking to their close friends, what’s hot topic normally they love to talk about to each other? For your info guys, it would be more to their love story or boyfriend(s). Most of it. So just to remind you that, this entry would be more to a lady’s story based on true story of myself. I seldom talk about my boyfriend to someone else. We have lots of secrets which only two of us knew, and some of my statement here might be weird but it’s true.

How long have you been together?

We have no specific date when did we start to be a couple but until to date, approximately almost 5 years.

How do you know each other?

I was a student who studying in a University in Kelana Jaya branch 5 years ago while he was a staff who working in the same University in Kota Kinabalu branch. So will you think that we knew each other from that campus? No. Nobody knew that we actually knew each other from Internet. Yeah most of things and people in Internet can’t be trust, but we are 1 of the proof that works. We had joined a forum – and we knew each other from there. Chatted on the YM for quit sometimes and we met in KL for the 1st time when he attended a meeting there. Since then, he interested to be more closer to me. But to tell you honestly, sorry to say that, now I’m not going to entertain whoever I don’t know anymore. Even in facebook, I’m not going to accept people whom I don’t know.

Back to the story, we were contacting regularly and met him every time I came back to Sabah for my school break. To be frank, I had another Sabahan boyfriend in KL at the time. Ever happened that, one sent me to Terminal 2 airport in KK and another one fetched me from KLIA airport. Cool or cruel? I’m actually only confused and didn’t know who to choose.

We were in the long distance relationship for almost 1 year and he had a very strong standpoint. He did anything to win me and requested me to transfer back to Sabah. Some people said, if you love him/her then let him/her go. But honestly, that statement must depend on the situation and sometimes it not suitable. I amazed with his sincerity. He did anything to let me stick with him and yeah at the end I’d transferred to Sabah and left everything there.

I took almost 1 year to use to my life in Sabah. Up & down in a relationship is common. My family smelt our relationship and they don’t agree with it. Reasons were, I was still a student and we are not same culture and background. I’d fight for few years and at the end my family stopped saying anything when they realized that they can’t stop me. I’d cried a lot for that and also jealousy. Ever kedapatan lots of time but we had gone through everything. We discussed a lot and tolerant a lot. Thank god both of our love life getting better and stronger. We supported each other a lot, since I was a student, until I started working with a very small salary, and until I have a good career today. He resigned from the said University last year and started his own business with my support (capital & courage) and thank god everything is running smoothly so far.

We are serious in our relationship and once again, I’d bring him to my hometown last weekend to meet my parents for the 1st time. Yes we had been together for almost 5 years and it's 1st meeting with my parents. Thank god again, everything is smooth and my parents happy with us. I was surprised and happy that my family has no objection anymore. I’m not rich but I’m happy with my life now.


We seldom take photos together. The 1st photo we taken was 3 years after we had been couple and to date, we had taken not more than 10 photos. The above is not the 1st photo anyway..

He is mature. 10 years older than me, I've grew up a lot while with him. He is sporty and an ex-state professional footballer & futsal player.

This is just my opinion:

Most of lady friends always said that they love money and prefer to marry to a rich guy for their life. 8 out of 10 ladies will say that. Sorry to say but for me, I don’t agree and will not choose that way. It will be more fun & interesting to have someone who can go through the hardship together with you until both of you success.

Money is important but I’m not looking for only money in my life. No point if your husband is rich but your marriage life is suck. Tell me who is happy with divorce? Some people said “cannot be no money, what should the kids eat and wear?” LOL. Money is important, but these kinds of ladies talk only ler.. They want a rich guy, but the money not priority for future kids but actually for themselves to spend. If really think a stable financial for future kids, both have to earn and save money not only push the responsibility to husband.

Still I will choose happiness. Money can be found anywhere and anytime. Quality of minded is far more important here. I’m not going to accept a job that needs me to work like hell with RM10K salary. And I’m not going to agree my partner to have such job too. It’s ok if it is RM10K salary but still have free time for me and not stressful. I choose simple life and I prefer to spend time relaxing together with love one especially if I have my own family. I’m happy that my boyfriend is someone whose priority is to stick and spend time with me too. But yeah we are in long distance relationship again now because of our career.

Sometimes I just feel pity to those guys to have a partner who love to push and force them to work more for her to spend. They said it as ‘to have a good life’ but why should torturing your love one? Some people already have a good life but they want more and I don’t understand. Showing off that they’ve been pampered. Pity the guys.

Some people might say that I’m jealous because I have no rich boyfriend. LOL. I don’t need that and I’m proud enough to myself. I’d been trained by my family to get anything for myself with my own money and my own effort from a small thing until a big property. My family left none property to me, I have to buy my own if I want one including any deposit and yes I’m looking one for myself. And my boyfriend had told me that if we get marry, he will not left any property for me, all of his property will go to our future kids. I accept that and I’m earning my own money for myself, at least little of saving. Whatever been given from my family or boyfriend, it's bonus to me, I appreciate and receive it with thanks.

Really thank god, I realize that I’m luckier than most of people out there. I’m happy with my life but it doesn’t mean I satisfied easily. I appreciate everything around me and no matter what, my priority is happiness.


Adrynna a.k.a inDut said...

Those ladies who said they want guys who have money and really rich are actually have short-thinking...

i really impress with u at all...we got same view in life..happiness is the priority...

good to hear that u really had a strong heart and u chose to have him no matter how...some people might easily give up once there are so many problems to be faced..but yeah, the strong will usually win la if ur heart tells u so then just go for it without any doubt..

May ur wish come true and dont forget to invite me when the BIGDAY is already confirmed...hehehe

Wiskies said...

Thanks indut.. I'm happy to know that you have the same view like me too. I tod i will receive bad comment here coz those ladies i mentioned above are actually is my friends too.

I still remember a married man told me, guys need time to change and improve themselve. don't expect changes in few months but must give at least 2 to 3 years. I'd gone through and what did the married man told me is true.

Adrynna a.k.a inDut said...

hehehe..yeah some women might have different view than us..but no worries moi..just appreciate what we have now and be happy.hehehe..

that's true that guys need time to change and women also the same. but i think and from my own experience, we cannot change people to be like what we want them to be. in relationship, it is better if both man and woman can accept both attitude unless it is bad attitude la..hehe. and i did have to be patient with the guy for 2 years, but yet the result is still the same.until 1 time,i'm totally fed up and give up.coz i'm the one who suffer a lots...