Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Chinese New Year is around the corner. Everyone is in the holiday mode now no matter what race they are. I mean here, I don't know bout your place. This coming new year will be metal tiger year and it basically more aggresive. Raawrrr...


I borned in year 1982 which is the year of dog.

Well, this dog in my hometown just missing. sob sob.. :(

Basically, dog people are naturally honest and faithful to the ones they love. Dogs seem to specialize -- they find an hobby or interest they enjoy and stick to it. Unfortunately, most of dog people are plagued by worry, a sharp tonge and a tendency to find fault in things. they have a sense of justice and fair play, and are particularly good at finding logical solution to problems. As far as Dogs are concerned, it is the people that count. Trustworthy friends and good conversationalists, dogs have a tendency to hold grudges until appeased. Despite having a temper at times, they need loving, stable relationships. Once they've found their mate, they are faithful for life.

The following occupations best suit the Dog personality.

Lawyer, Activist, Teacher, Scientist, Secret Agent, Priest, Psychiatrist, Cleric, Doctor, Politician

That is what I'd found and read from the Internet. Checked lots of website and different website told different things. Some said 2010 tiger year will be a good year for me and some said otherwise. At the end, I'd stop checking and stop believe it but it's good to hear a good thing sometimes. For the general things like I'd copied pasted above, it's all about the honesty, faithful, trustworthy and loyalty. It is just like a dog, happy, faithful & loyal to its owner. That's it.

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