Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today is 7th day of Chinese New Year, it's the day to do Lau Sheng..

It's combination of 7 dishes and I'm still looking more info about this dish actually.
I started working since yesterday somehow, going back to hometown again today for the weekend and continue my CNY. Overally, to be honest I'm bored for this year's CNY. Yeah something wrong to me but I'll only tell you what's wrong when it's right time. Although my holiday was fun, but I only 30% enjoy and happy, the rest are bored, sad, worry, tired, blur and not focus.
After came back from holiday, same question came to me:
"How much Ang Pao did you get?"

Well, I'll only answer,

"Not much because I only stay at home and didn't go anywhere to meet people."


Ladies and gentlemen, Ang Pao is not how much amount inside all about. As I said in my previous post, people given you ang pao is actually a blessing and wishing you to have a good year and good health. We should not expect people give more, it depends on capability and honesty. Be thankful whatever people gave. When we receive Ang Pao, do remember that we have to return after we get marry. They'd given you big amount then you have to return big amount to their kids too later. Fun? That is one of the Chinese culture so don't be too happy. And yes, I'm actually getting worry coz more and more kids around me now.

Ever heard that people said, when you spend more money to other people, money will non-stop came in back to you? I do believe that. Spend your money to others is something like indirect charity. Of course have to depens on our capability. And yeah I've ever said, my money is not only for me alone. I share what I have to someone else who really need it. I do. ;)

Just wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year. May the year of tiger bring good fortune to you.

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