Friday, February 26, 2010


First of all, I admit that I didn't read news paper for almost 1 month, and I was outdated with lots of latest news til yesterday, I read an article in news paper regarding this.

I'd copied this photo from Daily Express online and for more detail, do read this news in the online news paper. It talks about Sabahans went to KL for work but at the end they have jobless, homeless and only depends on free meal from church or non-governmental organization, and look for any edible left over food from rubish bin at night, usually KFC. It has been for few years.

My opinion:

1. Pity them, some of them been cheated by job recruitment agent. Once they reach peninsular and been cheated, they have no job as per promised and no money to buy ticket back to Sabah.

2. Most of young people in Sabah (I admit I have the same feeling before I went to KL last time), only love to have fun or little bad description as "Minta Puji". Proud and wanted to experience travelling by flight and wanted to live in a big city like KL so that when they come back, there is something they can proud and brag to but actually they don't know and never expected the real life in KL is suck.

3. They never contacted any of their family members in Sabah asking for help? None of family or relative can help them even since past few years?

4. Homeless, I understand and I can accept. Renting a room in city is very expensive but when they said jobless for few years, I can't accept it! Bikin malu saja! You can work if you are not handicapped and not sick! Any work! Lots of work doesn't need high qualification and experience at all. Cashier, waitress, promoter, garderner, working in factory ect. It's only 1 thing, DISCIPLINE. Can't find a single work? Unbelievable.

5. As what Datuk Masidi Manjun express in today's paper, Sabah has a lot of vacancies. He is true. And actually working in a farm and palm oil Plantation outside the city been paid 'ok' salary for those non-higher educated people. Even some farm workers, their monthly salary is only 3 digit but they get 4 digit for their bonus every 7 months. The 4 digit bonus can reach til 8 times of their monthly salary. This is true.

I was looking a new job for the whole last year, I had applied more than 20 companies within 1 year and few had called me for interview, some negotiated the salary with me, some I didn't get through, some I didn't accept and so on. No vacancy in Sabah? Liar. I have lots of friends who complaining their current job, I'd advised them to seek other job and just applied it. They'd answered me "MALAS." OK then. Is the position is really important? For me no. It's only an image. I'm ok with a lower position as long as been paid high salary and I can work happily.


My current company looked for new staff and it preferably for local Sabahan. Vacancies been advertised in news paper but..

Disapointed. I myself disapointed. Seems like people in Sabah especially younger generation don't buy and read news paper. Exactly. We only received few resume and non of it was suitable. OK fine at least those people had tried to applied but where was those talented Sabahans go? Are they currently working in KL? At the end, our company recruited people from Peninsular, placed in Kota Kinabalu office with daaaamn high salary. It's not the company didn't give the opportunity to local people, but it seems like no one seeking a job.

Outdated quote: don't judge a book by its cover. Look and hear beautiful but actually it's not. Living in a city looks good but things that I don't like are the security, stressful and high living expenses. No matter how big your salary is, you will never be rich.


isaac delacruz said...

kalau sy? suitable ka???

Wiskies said...

Hari tu lain drng cari. ada lagi org site drng mo cari bulan 5 sama bulan 7 ni. nanti saya inform ko.

Anonymous said...

hi there.. nice blog u having here..

my few cents of thoughts..

i wonder why ur company is willing to pay a high damn salary to recruit an employee from peninsular ?? why not publish the same exact offer of high damn salary when advertise the post in newspaper for sabahan in the first place ??

is it because the company have to pay the allowances and bear once-a-year return ticket from sabah-peninsular ?

well.. here wat i think.

most sabahan who is working in peninsular like at factory, developer, private collage (as a profesional as well), one thing u need to know, their company did not offer a high salary because they are sabahan, the company also did not give any allowances and return ticket to sabah. the sabahans were treat just like other peninsularian people..

hehe.. no offend ahh..
i am just disagree with ur company recruitment approach.

if they really want to recruit a pro which is sabahan.. dont be a double standard then..

if ur company want a pro, which pro want be paid a low salary which does not content their qualification and skills ?

kesian degima.. to become a pro and skillful, does not takes u one year only.. plus, it surely cost u money as well..


Wiskies said...

Thanks for the comment. What have you said is true and I know Sabahan who works in Peninsular been treated just like other peninsularian. That's why I feel sad too. I love to work with local people but company had recruited else. and for your info, their ticket kk-kl not once a year but once a month + accomodation in kk + company car and petrol and averything they buy for their apartment is claimable. even laudry is claimable. sayang kan.. How nice if it's for a Sabahan.

There is other local people been recruited here too and yes they'd been paid high salary as well. They didn't pay lower for local, I just mean here that it's better if other positions are local too. we know the wickedness in later date by recruiting outsider. Another problem I believe is, they might only publish the vacancy once, that is why only little candidates submited their resume.

Cath J said...

kesian tau they all.. our own people.. and the 'boss' konon2... treat them like 'pelarian'.. I speak by experience... eh!! Bukan saya but 1 of my cousin... kesian dia.. konon mau cari job here in KL.. sekali the boss hold their IC and all important doc and kurung they all in 1 house!!

damn! luckily he find a way to make call and tell what situation tu his mom.. I was so angry to hear that...

pity them.. but now he bck to sbh already...

sad world!

JanGkiE said...

wew.. i wish i can be the guy yg keja tempat ko tu wisiah~ ko tau~ sia ni pun biarpun kana transfer.. gaji lamsam tau~ tiket balik sabah jan cakap memang teda.. transport allowance.. mimpi jak~.. apa lagi rental cost.. minta maap... thats why sia mo cari keja di sabah~ lebih senang~ biar gaji kurang beberapa ratus pun~ janji sia nda sakit hati lagi~ yup.. mimang betul~ mcm mana gaji ko besar gila2 pun~ tatap nda kaya juga ba~