Wednesday, January 6, 2010


What is 1 Malaysia? I don’t know. I don't see it. As I always said, I’m proud to be a Sabahan. I never said I’m proud to be a Malaysian. Anyway, this is only my own view and my own opinion. And just be ready coz this post might be boring. LOL.

Heard some people discussed about the politic in Malaysia. Most of Sabahan might ever heard the hot issue, about the independent day for Malaysia (31 August 1957) and Malaysia Day (16 Sept 1963). Malaysia Day only been recognized last few months and it will only be declare as a public holiday in Malaysia starting this year. Honestly, I’ve met lots of people never realize that 16 Sept is Malaysia Day because 16 Sept been declared as Sabah TYT’s Birthday all this while till they changed and highlighted it recently. Somehow, check on your calendar! Most of calender still not stated the mentioned public holiday in 2010 calendar. Is this 1 Malaysia? Malaysia doesn't know it! Poor Sabah, Malaysia doesn’t remember and doesn’t see you.

Oh yes the first thing I do every year when I received new calender is,

check out holidays.

Sabah only! LOL. Remember, other states have no holidays for that day! :))

And now, every Sabah citizen talk about the proprietary right for Sabah. Yes lot of things in Sabah must go through Federal Government in Peninsular, Sabahan just feel like only a stepchild in Malaysia and not satisfied in a lot of things. Saying that the minister in Peninsular taken a lot of profit from Sabah, stepped on us and just let Sabah faced the hardcore poor situation. Don’t ask me how true is that coz I’m still observing it but that is really in Sabah Citizen's mind. I’m not starting the anger here, it just that this is what Sabah citizen really feel and always become a topic in any coffee shop.

Well, I just feel like we should not put all the blame to only one side. Sabah had been tight with an agreement which been sign in 1963, and Sabah only can change the rules or be independent from ‘Tanah Melayu’ after 50 years from 1963. It’s a legal black and white there and it’s our own previous citizen’s and leader’s mistake, not educated enough and may be lack of experience. Rejected to join Philippine and Indonesia is a good choice but NOT, for signing that agreement which tight us for 50 years. Yes should sign but some condition in it actually not protecting us.

Don’t simply put your hand in a box which you don’t know what’s inside. The moral here is, signing agreement or contract has only protecting one side. No matter what agreement or contract we get, do read it properly every single word, think deeply and try not to tight ourself for a very long time with it. Example, people offered you a good job by signing contract. If there is a period given, try to negotiate to get a shorter period coz there is a lot of things will happen even within a month that you will never know. If you are really good and the company is good, for sure they will come back to look for you and renew your contract. If otherwise, you can run away easily. So what to worry? And be in mind that, prices for everything are kept on changing every year! So any ‘RM’ stated in your contract or agreement should be change every year, not tighten in the same amount of ‘RM’ for few years!

Shared with you this story, I was same like most of other Sabahan too before, thinking that Peninsular grabbed all the profit from Sabah and agree to ban outsider to come to Sabah invest any business here. There is one time when I voiced it out, one of my friend who is originally from Pahang, married with a Sabahan lady and currently staying in Sabah don’t agree with me. He told me that,

Sabah should not be stupid & snobbish (bodoh sombong). You don’t have any skill, facilities, money and even big machine to operate here therefore your state imported professional/investors from outside to train you here otherwise I’m sure until today your state will have nothing such as Oil and Gas Plant (Loji Minyak/Petroleum). After we help you to build it, then you said we grabbed profit from it. If we never come, those raw materials will still stay under your land remain untouched until today and your state have no income. How you local people want to win those outsider, that one you have to be clever. Give those outsiders contract and higher pay, after the end of the contract, don’t renew it and let them go back to their country while you guys already learn the skill from them and now you can run it yourself.”

What did he told me made me opened up my mind wider and I will always remember that. I do agree with him but what did our leaders do? Did they protect their state or just protect themselves? No idea and we can feel that the tail of the wave are keep on hitting us. Outsider still coming in. We still under.. training? We can't run it ourselves yet? Are we so stupido?

Thanks to that friend anyway to let me think far. So people, always twist our mind and be more tricky. If you won’t tricky, people will play tricky on you. May be we unable to change our state but at least we could change our minded and own life.

I don't know since when I'm into politic things, but Cheers for Sabah ~

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