Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Condolence to my boss and his family. May his mom’s soul rest in peace. Don’t worry boss, we will become good girls and good boys in office within this few days.

Someone walk around in the office this morning asking for donation to my boss. I’m the 3rd person donating and I’d asked them why should I write the amount I donate. Their answer is, it’s easier to check the money whether it’s tally or not. Ok then.. Afternoon, they’d passed the money and list to me to keep after everyone in the office has donated. I feel ashamed once I saw the list, I’m the one who direct under my boss but donated the smallest amount! Hmmm malu juga but here is my reason:

1. Donation is sincere from our heart, donate and do charity how much we capable, not helping people till we ourselve getting poor, and not for winning a good image by donating or show off that we had donated a big amount.

2. Money can’t buy a life or make a dead person back alive. This kind of donation only a small help for the basic preparation of funeral.

3. There are much more poor people out there who really need help.

4. I still think that we are not suppose to count on and stated the amount of donation. We suppose to receive any amount from people.

5. And I think that it's better spend time with person who is down rather than giving money to them. People will forget what you say and what you did, but people will not forget how you make them feel.

Well, it's all depends to an individu. Some people might really capable to donate more to lots of parties. As this case of mine, I can’t stop people from saying something (either good or bad) about me. Don’t be influence by what people said and what people think about us, just do whatever that we think is right.

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