Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well, I was surprise to found out this.

When I started up this blog, I only can find my blog listed on the page 4 of google search by typing "Enjoyable Life" on the search bar. Then last few months, I could find my blog listed on the first page but it was not the 1st ranking. And today, IT IS on the 1st ranking in the 1st page when I search "Enjoyable Life" on the google search bar! Wow..
When I search "Enjoyable Life" from yahoo, it only appear on the second page. :) Thanks readers. I'm nobody, I know it will change but if you keep on clicking my blog, my ranking will stay on the highest.
Share this cool video clip with you. I love this version, where a song been sang by all over the world. Stand By Me and enjoy..

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JanGkiE said...

congrats~!! keep up ya~!