Thursday, January 7, 2010


My love in MKA

I still remember, the first day I worked here, Principle of MKA Group Mr. Melvin called me together with one of the x-staff into his room 8am in the morning. Mr. Melvin told me: “There is a lot of great people in this company and do learn from them.”

He is true. Everyone in this company is great not only as a colleague but also as a friend. Thanks to everyone for that, I’ve learned a lot of things here and thanks for your trust and friendship. It’s hard for me to leave somehow everyone of us have to move on and improve our life whenever there is opportunity.

Sorry for every mistake I’ve ever done, sorry if I’ve ever hurt anyone of you. Keep in touch, you know where and how to look for me. I’m not popular and I’m not somebody but I’m glad and lucky to know everyone of you. My last day here will be 09th January 2010, I’m resigning. Don’t cry for me Argentina. xoxo.. Good luck everyone, god bless you, be happy & may all your dreams come true. Cheers ~ ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi Wis...din knw u started a blog..haha!

Anyway was shocked to hear that u are leaving...goin back to ranau? well i wish u all the best wis...and happy that i have found and meet u in MKA and be my firend :)

Althou we seldom contact anymore but im owez thinkin bout all u guys...cuz we have share a special bond together and faces alot things together too...

All the best wis and if u get married don forget invite ya :) if i married oso i'll surely invite u and Mr. Loba Loba ;)

xoxo : Lissa Q

Wiskies said...

hi lissa, thanks for dropping by to my silly blog. yeah glad to know and go through with everyone in this group. It painted some color in my life. anyway, thing must keep on moving on. married, :) sure invite everyone, it just that wil not b so soon.

akuFOX said...

alamak...sedinya..tiadala lagi buah buahan dari ranau yg ko bilang ko sendiri naik pokok..hanya untuk kmi d tingkat ni..3 urang ja selalu kan?..huuhhuhh....

.....wisi 9 jan 10 ni last la..errr...ko terus balik kg atau masi ada d kepayan ni? klu d kpyan ja..masi buli jumpa ba kan? hehehehe.. ba gud luck ahh..

Wiskies said...

hai akuFOX.. jgn sedih ba.. siapa juga saya ni.. hehe.. selalu saya ambil utk 1 office juga ba, cuma memang special bagi lebih bnyk sikit utk kamu sebab saya tau kamu kuat makan & kamu yg paling kuat menagih.. hahaha..

saya d masi d kk ba.. sure masi boleh jumpa.. tdk balik kg. memang akan cari kamu semua ba.. kerja saya hujung minggu memang cari kawan melepak pun..