Saturday, January 9, 2010


Biggest issue at the moment. Every one knew it. It's too late Malaysia, things had happen and people angry. Even people forgive you, there will still be a scar. I'm not a Christian but I'm really angry too. Enough for the drama, well done and now you can go to hell. Bring along your ma chai, we doesn't need you and them. I'm proud to be a Sabahan, and will only tell foreigner my origin is Borneo.
I still don't believe that I had resigned. I feel so sad to leave everyone there as a coleague and friends but me and them managed "didn't cry". It was nearly but we didn't. Things must move on and I have dreams to chase on. Sure will plan to meeting them outside soon. Passed outstanding & everything? I don't think so. It's too hurry. 24 hours notice and I get penalty but I'm lucky that the new company will pay it for me. Will start working on Monday in different office with different coleagues. Honestly I'm not ready. Just hope that everyone especially the bosses there is "good" and everything will be fine. Taking more rest for this weekend and imagine everything is beautiful and peaceful.. ^_^ Sabah Boleh bah..

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