Wednesday, January 13, 2010


12 Jan 2009, I received a phone call around 4pm from a coleague in Sandakan, asking me another friend's house phone number. I gave her the number. At the same day mid night, lot's of people called me but I'd fall asleep and didn't pick up any phone call. When I woke up in the morning, I saw lots of missed call and few SMSes. I'd cried once I read it. It was a bad news telling me that she had passed away on the spot on a car accident on her way from KK to Tawau. Actually she supposed to report duty in Tawau for her new company the next day but people in Tawau waiting for her that night and she didn't show up. And now, my new company is dealing with that company which she supposed to report duty. It recall a lot of things and I feel so hurted..

She is the one who came to fetch me lot of time for most of the function or outdoor activities, she brough me to functions when she got two tickets not her husband, she was my x-coleague who sat next to me, she was my roommate during our Indonesia trip, she was someone who really suportive to everyone, I knew all her kids and the last I met her was 2 days before the incident.

Every of her friends knew that she is a nice person. Yeah quite wondering, normally a nice person will go first while people with black heart will always stay alive. Somehow, we suppose to be thankful. She had do lots of good thing for us and we are not suppose to ask for more. And one thing that I'd learned from her case, we can't be over granted and keep on pending something to do it tommorrow. Make others happy while still alive coz a dead person will not feel happy with a good thing you've done for them anymore.

I'd dreamed of her lots of time, one year has passed but everything still fresh in my mind. Yeah I miss her somehow live must go on. Thanks for her ever came into my life for a while and do appreciate the one who still alive. May her soul rest in peace and always in memory..

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