Friday, January 22, 2010


Once again, I just want to refer to this post. I think some computer might only can saw boxes but actually I had wroten chinese in that posting. As I said, some of my x-colleague including my x-boss in my previous work place only knew that I can speak Mandarin after I'd worked there more than 1 year.

And now in my current work place, most of the staffs knew that I can speak chinese but they were so shocked. One of my boss and some of the staff from KL said: "I heard that you can speak chinese." So??? Is there anything wrong that I can speak Mandarin? I know how to read and I even can write some more. I'm tired of those statements and those kind of questions. It will always be the 2nd question after asking my name.

Hmmm.. Yeah my full name has no chinese surename coz my dad had modified little bit of it. At the same time my Bahasa is really fluent and I always try to speak English without chinese slang. And yeah I know.. I don't look like a chinese. I don't like to show off that I know chinese. I only will show it off when I attend interview.
Once again, I just want to say that, be careful with your environment and stop saying something bad using other languages. Eventhough I don't really have chinese look but I have 70% of chinese blood and my life is more to chinese culture, even my boyfriend said that I'm more to a chinese minded. It just that, I like & have more non-chinese than chinese friends around me, and even my boyfriend is non-chinese.

I'm proud with who I am. Thanks to my parents. I get a job easier with languages I know and yes I will let my future kids enter into chinese school too. It's really can 'cari makan' rather than attending a Unduk Ngadau contest. So what about you people?


Amanda Christine Wong said...

well good for you! im on the opposite end unfortunately. i look chinese, i AM chinese (my grandma punya bapa ja yg kadazan) but i can't speak chinese :( know how i get scornful stares when the cina santung knows im chinese but cant speak the language? they'll look at me as if i've commited the biggest sin on earth and ought to be burnt in hell. so my father didnt send me to chinese school, that doesn't make me less of a chinese, kan? i'll die if i don't chinese food laden with pork in a week.

JanGkiE said...

it happen to me once jugak wisiah~ besa laa~ ada laa ni Chinese guy ni kan~ dia kapanas suda ba sama sia~ nda tau apa kes 2~ trus dia marah2 laa kenen sia in mandarin~ jadi sia just balas in malay laa kenen 1st.. dia masih nda puas ati.. then tiba2 sia rasa mcm sia tia sengaja ba tercakap mandarin.. trus buli2 deblang~ you can speaks mandarin ka??(dengan muka shock dia kenen masa 2).. hahah~ I seldom using mandarin as my language but if needed~ terpaksa laa... anyway.. nothing ganjil kalo orang can speak other language especially from sabahan.. I just a common thing laa but really.. kalo d semenanjung tu kira 1 keganjilan jugak 2~

Wiskies said...

Hi Amanda.. It's not you alone, I knew lots of chinese who doesn't know 2 speak mandarin especially those from peninsular. But honestly, I always and prefer to start talking and spoke Malay to chinese people coz it's fun to trick people sometimes. haha..

Jangkie, tu la itu.. selama ni saya pikir saya ada muka cina ba tapi semua org bilang saya tiada muka cina. haha..

Wiskies said...

This happening to me today,
my boss knew my capability & had asked me to translate a thick contract document from english - chinese. I'd answer I'm not so good at it. LOL.. actually,

1. I'm lazy & things would b worse if i'd done it wrongly.

2. If they 1 me 2 translate, they suppose to pay me dfrent salary.