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Surprise? Nothing to surprise. Yes I can speak well in mandarin and broken Cantonese, I can read Chinese simplified and also Chinese traditional, and I able to write in Chinese. Long time didn’t read & write in Chinese, I think my Chinese knowledge already returned back to my teacher.. so here I’d wrote my blog in Chinese language to revise back those beautiful words.

Most of people even my friends, my colleagues and my boss never know that I can spoke, read and written in Chinese. Of coz I did write in my resume before, but they might forget about it. They only surprise about it after I’d worked with them almost 1 or 2 years. May b because of my look, doesn’t look like a Chinese and more look like a Bumiputra. 95% of people will speak malay or English with me when the 1st time they saw me and they never thought that I know Chinese. Of coz when they speak malay, I’ll reply them in my very fluent malay; when they speak English, I’ll reply them my broken English. Only if they speak mandarin, then I’ll reply them mandarin. If I’m the one who start the conversation, of coz I’ll speak Chinese with Chinese people but most of them will surprise.

I’m a Sino, Chinese mixed Dusun. I have 70% of Chinese blood and my sure name is Ng. I spoken very fluent mandarin with my family and relatives and we celebrate Chinese New Year, mooncake festival, Ko Chong Festival, Tang Yuan ect. Both of my grandfathers (father and mother side) are prior Chinese, both were came from China. Father side sure name is Ng; and my mother side sure name is Chai. My grandmother for father side is prior local Dusun; while my grandmother for my mum side is Sino too sure name is Kok. My dad, my mum even my grandma basically already are Sino. So I’m a Sino too when I came out to this world. Confuse? Ok you can forget it.

People always say, don’t judge a book by its cover. I’ve ever meet some people who gossiping me among them right in front of me in mandarin/Cantonese. Those people might think that I don’t understand. I don’t feel angry but I feel funny, I never scold those people back but just look straight into their eyes. They thought that they could laugh at me but actually I’m the one who laugh on them. So interesting..

I have one Chinese friend in kl before. He ever ask me:
“You are Sino, you are mix Chinese and the Bumi called Dusun. Let say one day, if Chinese people and Dusun people in Sabah have race war, which one will you support and go to?”

Hahahaha.. I feel funny. I just answer him that this kind of things will never happen in Sabah coz we are so united and no racist. I just hope it can be everlasting. I love Sabah and I always say I’m a Sabahan when I introduced myself. Seldom for me to say that I’m a Sino coz it’s complicated for a non-Sabahan to understand it. & I’m flexible mixing with any races. I’m proud to b a Sino and I’m proud to be a Sabahan.

Just look like an ordinary Bumiputra Sabah. Yes this is Sabah, Tg Aru 3rd Beach. Surfing day..

Some say, I look like an Indon. (Butterfly tu Bah! hahaha..)

Agnes Monica? Charles punya idea lah ni time di Indon..

Nichole Kidman? Wakakakak.. Oh no I'm not..

Change a background to a more chinese feel.

Still doesn't look like an Amoi? :)

Just showing that there is a lot of races in this photo and it's funny. Act cute but.. tidak jadi.

Anyway, I am who I am.. Hah.. :p

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