Saturday, September 26, 2009


Aarrhh.. I'm making more money now but at the same time, automatically there is a lot of things coming into my mind which I'm aiming to buy. What the hell.. At the end I'll save nothing. Improving life anyway, but is that normal to everyone?

After aiming my camera, now there is something else in my mind,

1. Vacation - jealous when I saw people coming back from their vacation & show their photos.
2. A car - aiming Rav 4, had surveyed and realize that it's not that expensive as I expected but hey,

I'm not driving.

3. Interested with a watch which I'd saw in a magazine. It's guess watch, I know where to buy, it's only a small thing but I know it's damn expensive!

I look forward to buy/have a house.

God! It's a big expenses. Honestly I dislike to become someone who are 'high maintenance' but unfortunately, I have those aims. I'm not young anymore but I left far more behind compare to most of people who same age with me especially my friends. I'm proud of myself in something and I'm disappointed in something too.

Anyway, I have more goals and I'll get what I want for my life.

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