Thursday, September 17, 2009


Previously I had short listed which camera I’m going to buy. I had ready and brought my money to the shop yesterday and asked the salesman to show me few preferable cameras. Add more stars to the salesman, he had recommended me a better one which made me feel "wow…~ this is what I’m looking for ~"and when I look at the price, owhh.. I only need to top up a little bit more to get that amount but I really want that camera! I’m nearly lost my brain and take CCM! Gosh.. Luckily my mental is in control otherwise I’m going to loss RM500 for me to take CCM where actually I’ll get my salary in 2 more weeks and I able to buy it without paying interest.

I bet everyone will not believe the above photos taken by only a digital compact camera, yes there might be some photoshop but ladies and gentleman,

It is true!

I’d tested it and the effect is really same like photo above.. I looked for cheaper price in everywhere, unfortunately there is only one shop selling that model.

I’m in love with it and I’m going to buy it in 2 more weeks time!!

At the end, I walked out from the shop only with my dream and I went to MV Doulos, buy some books and took photo there just using our hand phone camera. Poor me.. But it will still memorable..

After getting some seasick, we went to Tg Aru beach after the rain to have some fruits.

heee it's sunset in Tg Aru Beach..

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