Tuesday, September 15, 2009


A question asking that:

" which date is suit to be call as Merdeka Day or Malaysia National Day, 31 august 1957 or 16 Sept 1963?”

for me of course I’ll say it’s 16 Sept, so meaning to say Malaysia is only 46 years old not 52 years old as mentioned in many advertisement. Why 31 Aug 1957 and why 16 Sept 1963? I'm not going to talk more about that, a Malaysian should know what it means and its history but honestly as for me, I’ll always say I’m proud to be a Sabahan and I never said that I’m proud to be a Malaysian.

Leave that issue at one site, what I know all about, tomorrow is public holiday for Sabah and I’m looking forward to it. What is so excited for me,

it is holiday


I’m going to buy my new compact camera tomorrow, wheeee…

Provided I have enough budget coz actually, I haven’t decided which camera I’m going to buy and of course I’m looking for a good one. Hua hua hua.. other than that, there is few things in my mind..

1. Digital compact camera (as mentioned above)

2. Mv doulos (I just want to go although the ship has parked at the harbor for so long time)

3. Landscape (hmmm?)

4. Of course next coming long weekend which is Hari Raya holiday..

The following photos have no related to the above topic, photo taken during friend (Linda & Jasnie)’s wedding dinner.

Happy Malaysia Day..

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