Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Today is 09th September 2009. People especially Chinese said 09.09.09 is a beautiful number and it means long lasting. A lot of people might register their marriage or engagement today including one of my cousin and one of my friend. Congratulation to them.. And then, tomorrow there will be news for today’s event. Me, nothing will be special for today other than I realize that my skin is peeling from the sunburn & I get an invitation for a Majlis Berbuka Puasa by our company on this coming Friday. It might be yummy..


And, I actually nervous for today coz he is asking about our marriage registration too this morning. He requested for this coming December but I don’t think I’ll agree for December, it’s too soon & I’m not ready. Actually married or not, I will feel the same. I do everything for him and assume he is the only of my special 1 even though we haven’t had any commitment. It’s sweet & I hope it will be everlasting too.

Anyway, yeah we are working hard for it and happy 090909 day to all of you.

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