Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Some people might saw me as someone who is cincai. Yes sometimes I do things shortcut and cincai, but sometimes I’m quite high expectation. I’m saying that way coz I’d short listed the camera that I’ll buy soon which will be Nikon, Canon or Olympus and my short listed choices are damn expensive. Probability will be canon as the photo below. Hee..

Canon IXUS 1100

Canon IXUS 990

Canon Powershot SX200IS

* But I’m still looking and survey for Nikon.

I actually only looking for a compact digital camera and for me the priority is quality and satisfaction. People told me, I can buy big lens camera compare with the high price of compact digital camera that I’d chose. Yes big lens type is good camera & everyone will satisfy with the photo but I just want a compact one which I can put in my hand bag and bring to anywhere easily and not heavy. Ladies will have a lot of things to carry and just imagine if I’m pulling my luggage on my vacation here and there, and another big heavy camera hanging on my neck. Oh no no noo... Else, my vacation is by road than it will be suit for me to bring such a big and heavy camera. But at the same time, I don't want people think that photo taken by a digital compact camera is low quality that's y those below RM700 is out of my list.

Anyway, thanks guys for your opinion..

And yes, I’ll buy and am targeting a big lens camera too but wait...

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