Saturday, September 19, 2009


Selamat Hari Raya, segala salah dan silap harap maafkan..
Hehehe.. That's my wishes to everyone.

I'm actually in holiday mood now but we still working today. Somehow, I'm going to go back to my hometown shortly. Whheeeee..... I really miss my family and the cat there. Just wait for my camera, will take more photos in my hometown to share with everyone.

The following photos been taken during our company buka puasa in Le Meridien last week. I like the photos. This is what I want all this while, which a photo been taken by playing around with the lighting.

My favorite photo, thanks isaac.. Lighting is beautiful and just nice..

They said, basar paha!! hehahaha.. I just wanna comment the above photo. The angle is correct but the lighting in not right in this photo, made me far more brighter than the background. I think photo without flash is better sometimes, just have to know how to control the camera speed but still have to depends on the environment lighting la actually.

I also know a bit about photography ba.. :p

Thanks again isaac, do take more of my photos next time.. ekekekek.. I know you will.
Kindly click here to issac's blog. ;)

And, there is two more photographers taken my photo at the same place. Will upload it too once they pass it to me.

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