Friday, September 4, 2009


There is a story about last night.

It’s 11.30pm. I’d taken my dinner, taken my bath, taken my rest and it’s time to sleep. Unfortunately, I can’t sleep due to the noise coming from outside of the room. Yeah it’s ghost season for Chinese people but hey, I’m not talking about those things here k. Those noise is came from people inside the house. What had happen was, my 10 years old niece still doing her homework and haven’t finish it even time was almost 12am and my sis and my brother in law was scolding her til she was crying. Poor niece.

What I can see here is, that’s city kid’s life. Study, study and study. Pity niece but I can’t do anything but as for me, we cannot push the kids to study too much. I’ve ever study before too and I know how the feeling to be push. It’s the parent’s (my sis & brother in law) choice to put the kids(my niece) in a school which is very high expectation and a lot of homework, then the parents should not blame everything on the kids not doing their task.

Honestly, we as a human has the limit in doing something especially study and same as working. Even we as an adult have the limit to do our work and at the end we need rest and relaxing at least once or twice a week. Isn’t it? Everyone of us has the limit only three hours per day to absorb anything we read, that’s true. Else, are overload and it will not be absorbed into our brain.

Anywhere, I can’t do anything other than just support my niece under the same kind of study environment, and can’t comment anything to my sis even though I think for my niece coz every people has different way to look after their kids.

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