Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Went to kudat on last weekend for 3 days. Great long weekend, and very relaxing. Not much photo for the vacation coz I’ve no camera. >_<

But there is someone promised to buy a camera for me soon which is this weekend.


Of course it will not be a very good camera with good quality of photos taken but I’ll be happy & appreciate it.

Back to the previous story, went to Kudat last Saturday and I saw this when we stop by for while on the road side near the junction to Kota Marudu & Kudat from KK.

Saw what’s the special? Everything and every pack of the food have been hanged from the ceiling and not on the rack. Quite a creative way.

Sunday is just a relaxing day, sitting on the football field to watch and become supporter for a kampung football team. What I get from there is just SUNBURN. Luckily the team has won.

Monday is the main point of my vacation to Kudat, actually it’s not really a vacation. It’s just that go out from the city, experiencing a different life and have a relaxing rest. What had happen on this day is the ceremony of signing a project in the afternoon and I’ve attending a course before the ceremony. Yeah it’s not me the one who signing the contract but I was there for supporting someone named Jonay. ;)

Jonay is the one with red hat.

That’s it for my happy and relaxing weekend and I’d return to KK.

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