Thursday, May 28, 2009


Everywhere I go this recently, I can feel the kaamatan mood. Kaamatan is coming so soon.. it’s middle of the year ody rupanya.. just wishing every one Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan..

The Kaamatan Festival is an annual celebration or event for Kadazandusuns in Sabah which is a thanksgiving to the source of the paddy and life cycle of Bambarayon - spirit of paddy. (Something like that lah..)

Drink a little bit of alcohol is good but stop drinking too much, get drunk will only spoilt your healthy especially the unfiltered local made alcohol.. I know Aramai tii is traditional custom and it's only once a year but get drunk is not necessary right.. anyway, up to individual la.. Besar sudah bah kamu tu.. Panda-pandai lah.. Jangan logop sampai tidur d siring jalan sudah, nanti langgar pantat karabau.. hehehehe..

One of my nephew’s birthday is on 30th May. It’s school holiday and long weekend for us who are working.. my bro bring her back from N.9 every year and celebrate her birthday in Sabah and it will be family gathering too. So I’m going back kg this weekend.. Yeahhh!! My sister in kg is ready everything for that and I’m in holiday mood now. What we going to do? We had ordered birthday cake of course, and we are planning to have steam boat, just very simple. You cook yourself what you want to eat, and I’m going to ready some cocktail for the kids.. It will be look like this:

Look nice right? The ingredient is just sausage, cedar cheese and pineapple + mayonnaise as sauce. Yummy.. simple but good taste. I’d tried this cocktail on last Christmas.
I miss my own cooking actually. I love to cook but my living environment doesn’t allow me to cook.

As for Kaamatan, the photos below are some local handicraft and traditional costume of some races. I’m proud and I love local culture. If I were a tourism minister (Cehh.. kalau bah kalau..), I’ll promote sabah’s culture so that it will not b wipe out from us like Japan, there are developed country but their culture is still strong with them until today. Here's some beautiful photos (not taken by me), just to share with you all..

Murut culture

I don't know what they call this but I like it coz it's very colorful

Wakit & Seraung


A bamboo wind chime

Rungus costume

And.. Just wishing everyone

Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan..

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