Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Is it normal or abnormal when we unlike someone?
I don’t want to hate people but I really feel that I’m getting fed up and disrespect with somebody. Why?
Because the person who I mean love to measure other people and everything by money!
My parents told me, we will be bullied if we are uneducated but in the real life now days, we will be bullied if we have no money.

Yes money is so important, without money how to survive but come on.. It is not everything. You are saying that way because you’ve been pampered and feed by money all the time. In The mean time you are born, grow up and leave in a city which need such a BIG expenses everyday and you never experience kampung life.. You can’t survive and strong like kampung people when there is no money!
For me happiness is far more important. Anyway, this is only my own opinion and I’m not saying money is not important. Getting stable is good..

Money is your happiness? Then enjoy it and keep it yourself please and don’t always stick the money sign on everything including your words, face, mind, comparison and showing off.
1 more thing, please stop backbiting people especially own close friends.

To the readers, please don’t ask me the person I mean here is a he or she. Coz I’m sick.
I'm sorry, I know I'm not a perfect person too but it's true.. I'm sensitive with this sometimes..

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