Saturday, May 2, 2009

One In A Million - 3

Grand Final of OIAM won by Tomok. Feel like there is a bit unfair and not so happy with the result. Tomok supposed to be eliminated in the beginning of the show. I don’t like 8tv lets Malaysian vote for that (either 2 finalist or 3 finalist), 8tv should decide it from the beginning. Grand finalist for OIAM is only 2 person all this while and this season suddenly an eliminated person been pull in again. Producer’s strategy to earn more money. Tomok is already a singer, Malaysian should give change to a non singer to win the RM for them to start & grow in the music industry. For me Tomok is only an ordinary singer, just like he sang in New Boyz group. Will you buy New Boyz album? For me no and I’ll never coz nothing special on him. Rizu has better voice than him. Esther's vote is leading in the 1st place, I did vote No Tomok too. Damn.. Those 8tv hosts keep on announcing the result & keep on asking people to vote. Suck!!

Anyway, congratulation to Tomok.. Congrats to Esther and Aweera too, it’s already very far for you can stay until grand final. I’m sure next year there will b more singer will participate OIAM because of this year’s winner.

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