Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Just for updating my blog..
Seems like I’ve no rest for my long weekend. Rushing here and there, still can feel the tiredness and all I need is MORE HOLIDAY PLEASE!!

My holiday only full with eating session. LOL

1st day, we bbq in the evening - some tapioca, dry cuttlefish while my bro tumbuk sotong kering, chicken wings and also fresh cuttlefish.

Other than bbq, we had steamboat for dinner - meat ball, fish, chicken and vegetables. After dinner, the kids singing birthday song, took photos, play some games, messy up the house, eating cake, cocktail and fruits. We bought two cakes (takut tidak cukup makan) from strawberry cake house, 1 is black and white chocolate cake and another 1 is pumpkin cake. The pumpkin cake is nice but I say not for the black and white chocolate cake.

2nd day, start up fire at 10am for bbq again. Cloudy weather and we bbq some sweet corns, fishes, dry cuttlefish and tapiocas. My mum cooked Sup Labi (hee.. no coment) while my sis cooked some vege. That’s our lunch. Dinner and the 3rd day’s food only very simple but my stomach never has time to get hungry at all. Luckily it’s only 3 days not 3 weeks, otherwise I’ll get fat. Anyway, thank god for the food, I’m happy & enjoy my weekend. I will miss the moment but I just need more.. more holiday..

We’d taken photos, but my small niece disturbed the camera and had deleted most of the memorable photos from the camera. I don’t know what else left and I don’t think I will have some more photos to upload here. If there is any, will upload it here in a sooner time. Cheers.. ;)

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