Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Window Shopping

My weekend… because of bored (I didn’t go back kg last weekend), I went window shopping in 1 Borneo alone. What? Nothing wrong to walk and shopping alone ma.. I like to shop alone but people always feel weird for that. The shuttle bus KK - 1 Borneo is free. You guys who have car, can park your car in Warisan Square & just take the shuttle bus to 1 B. it’s so easy & save your car fuel. The bus service available every one hour from 10am until at night. Luckily nothing much I like in 1 Borneo, otherwise bankrupt.. hihihi.. What I really remember when I saw an umbrella worth
hehehe.. mangkali ko gunting pun tdk pandai berlubang that..
I bought mine only rm12.90 before.

Talking about window shopping, there is one thing always happen on ladies. Cakap ja window shopping, but mesti beli barang juga.. hehehe.. And another case normally happen is, a Friend asking to accompany her to go shopping. At the end, the Friend not buying anything but the one suppose just accompanying, buy a lot of things.. Don’t ask me why, I also don’t know why. Ladies can’t control their desire when they saw things they like. What to do? It’s the responsibility for guys earn money & it’s the responsibility for ladies to spend money.. hahaha..

Just kidding.. guys also the same in spending money, such as..

Biar tidak makan asalkan ada rokok.

Beer is cheaper than petrol. So drink, don't drive.

Computer / Labtop Accessories - RAM, Internet, Hard Disk, Graphic Card, Fan & many more.. Everything is making the computer run more faster and support heavy game.

Car / Motorcycle Accessories + petrol

More Electronic Devices

Who said guys don't go shopping? Guys stuff lagi la mahal-mahal.. lady's shoes can get RM19.90 per pair, a guy's shoes worth RM89.90 is consider cheaper.. Most of guys interested in electronic devices which is far more expensive than lady's stuff.. So, don't blame on ladies 100% kuat shopping.. Everyone is same in spending a lot of money. It's just that guys and ladies have different interest and spend the money in different ways. & I admit, I'd spend my money more in foods.


I feel hungry now.. :p

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