Friday, May 8, 2009


I’ll going back to kg this weekend. Now I’m thinking what to ready for Mother's Day.. Last time me and my sister ever buy my mum cake, flower ect. I remember that is one time when I was in secondary school, I ever put efforts draw a rose using water color and given to my mum but she comment my drawing is very ugly.. hehahahaha.. sigh.. ok I admit it.

Mother’s Day is not the only day to appreciate our mum, we should always spend time and appreciate her all the time. So may b this time I’ll just go back kg spend time together, masak sedap2 & eat together.. :p

The photo below is my mum and my nephew with the peacock.

I myself realize that most of my attitude is more like my mum than my dad. Stubborn, go away quietly insist of quarreling & sometimes kuat merajuk. I know it’s negative, I control myself a lot actually. When I studied in KL before, she used to come to KL to look for me & my brother once in every few months. We ever tough that she might accidently arrive in India, coz she always flied alone and she doesn’t know speak and read English. Hehehe..

Other than that, my mum is loving every one of us especially the only of her son. She will merajuk if any one of us not layan her & she will start seeking attention.. hehehe.. She has a very sharp & shrill voice, however she never shouts at me loudly with that voice. Even though she always scold her grandson & grand daugther a lot (it’s everyday), but she loves every of them very much. Just imagine she alone look after 6 kids everyday due to my sis going to work. The oldest is 11 years old and the youngest is 5 months. It’s not easy to control so much kids in a house, but she manage to train those kids buka kulit pinang.. Hehehe.. She likes to eat red date and cannot eat any foods that contain margarine in it. Never ever push western food for her..

Whatever it is, I love my mum very much.. I’m so sorry for what had happen all this while.. I can’t spend all my time with her due to my study, my career and might b my future and.. I'm not a good girl for her.. I’m lucky I’ve a mum like her, taking care of me until who I am now.

Picture above is just showing my nephew yg mcm kuat & my mum at the back looking at the peacock..

I might take this opportunity to wish her Happy Mother’s Day with love.. For those mummy out there, happy mother’s day for all of you too..
I just hope that I will become a mother soon too.. :p

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