Saturday, May 16, 2009


I'd found this from I was shocked to see this, I never expect money can be sell with so high price!

This is RM1 note, I don't know what's the special of this note. They are selling it for RM50 each.

Those shillings all are produced on 1968. Total is 80 sen and they are selling it for RM30. I think I can find this in my money box.

The shilling above is produced on 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987. Total is RM2.50 and they are selling it for RM60. I think I can find this from my money box too.

Old RM1 note. A bit cheaper but still a surprise for me. They are selling it for RM28 for 2 notes.

I have this note in my wallet now! They are selling it for RM30 each!

I still use this note this recently just like other RM5 but here they are selling it for RM50 each!

I'm still using this note recently. They are selling RM60 each! Huuu..

I still received this note recently but already used it. They are selling this for RM140 each!

They are selling this note for RM300 coz the number on the note is a bit beautiful, qb8221111.

This RM100 note been sold for RM550 because of the number, CB9909999.

They are selling this 2 RM50 notes for RM500. I've ever get running number for RM10 notes (4 pieces if i'm not mistaken) but I used it and never collected it, never expect it's such valuable for money collector.

I have this type of RM50 before. I still remember I get it from my ang pau. I've used it just like normal RM50 note and never collected it. And now they are selling it for RM90 each.

Money is so valuable.. But still unbelievable for me..


isaac delacruz said...

wis...they dun have old rm20 notes ka...i wanna buy....kekekke

Wiskies said...

huu? the 1 brown color right? not sure, you can checked from for more, under hobby category.. but i know my family did keep the RM20 note. if RM200 per note, will you buy? :)) buat bisnes sudah ni..