Thursday, May 7, 2009


“Can I put your photo in my facebook?”

After few days, another guy asking me:
“I put this photo into my facebook, is it ok?”
It’s my photo, I answered:
“I’m ok with it.”

Those guys are not my admirer. They are professional photographer and own very good camera. Taking photo is their hobby and they’ve taken a lot of my photo. According to them, I’m photogenic (minta puji.. hehehehe) and some of them did offering me to become their model just for testing their new camera. Later la… hehehe.. have to diet dulu sikit.. kakakakak..

Those photographers basically are a very artistic & creative group who are touching with art all the time coz they are working in architect firm. Most of them have their own camera excluding me coz always no budget to buy one even though I really wish to have my own camera.. poor me..

Although I’ve no camera but now I realized that I’ve so much photos.. all are taken by them.. Credited for them.. thanks.. at least I’ll have something to keep for my memory, & I’ll not forget the moment I’ve spend a little bit of my life with them.. and I haven’t receive some of the photos from them including the one they’re thinking to put into their facebook.

I attached here some photo of mine, which taken by them..

Credited to Charles Mawan

Me and Lina under sun light in Mesilau , 23rd May 2008.

Nice lighting & natural.. Credited to the photographer.. 24th May 2008

Me & Khristin and the photographer is playing with dark color.. 26th May 2008

Credited to my buddy, Ahmed

Mesilau 24th May 2008

Bandung 16th Nov 2008

Smoky eye, Damai Club June 2008

Credited to Aminasir

Me & Pang in Mesilau 26th May 2008

Melissa & Me at KKIA Appreciation Night, 24th August 2008

My back, KKIA Presentation & Appreciation Night, 24th August 2008.

Credited to Henry John

Breakfast in Bandung 15th Nov 2008

In the tour bus in Indonesia, Nov 2008

Credited to Mohamin

Drinking Strawberry Juice in Bandung, 14th Nov 2008

Credited to my own Beloved Brother

Convocation in Putera Jaya, 22nd Nov 2008. Hot ~ ~ weather ~

Thanks & Credited to Issacruz, soon to be a professional photographer

Cibubur, Indonesia, 15th Nov 2008

Credited to Cruz, soon to be a professional photographer

Having sunset dinner at Tg. Aru, somewhere in Sept 2008.

These are only few selected photos, there are still a lot of my photos and even the capacity of a dvd is not enough for me to store. I'm appologize for those ever taken my photo, but not been uploaded here. I will upload more and more photos later..

Thanks photographer..
Some of them are taking photos for formal function such as Wedding, Enggagement, Anniversary ect.
Out of KK can be consider.
Just informed me if you need a photographer for your Wedding and i'll give you their contact number. ;)

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