Tuesday, May 12, 2009


1. A project to construct the multi-million ringgit Mazu project (Mazu Statute & temple).

2. It has been built on an individual land which had been bought by the Chinese organization, community & association.

3. The “Multi-Million Ringgit” came from donation of Chinese community & association, not government money.

4. Project had been approved by Kudat Town Board and the construction commenced and ordered the 118ft-high Mazu statute from China.

5. Project had been asked to stop once the statute arrived Sabah due to certain community's objecting to the construction.

6. The proximity with a local mosque being the main reason for the objection and the fatwa being issued by State Mufti on July 7, 2006 stating that the construction of the statue would offend Islam as unconstitutional because it infringes Article 11 of the Federal Constitution.

7. Kudat Town Board wanted to withdraw its earlier approval when it was already halfway to completion.

8. State government said later the project have it relocated.

This hot issue had been discuss since long time ago until today.. This is a sensitive issue, touching about religion, and getting more sensitive when there is politician involved in it. I am a normal citizen only able to open my eyes and watching those dramas.

However, sometimes we should respect, be tolerate among different religion and be open minded. I don’t really like there is some people who came in to start and set the fire on this issue which will destroy the unity among Sabahan/Malaysian. "Too" fanatic to a religion will only end up disunity among various religions and might also be races. The temple and statute above not only for praying for peace but indirectly economically good for Kudat and Sabah due to the place would be another selling point for Kudat as a tourist destination.

Anyway, feel happy with the end decision, which relocated the project in a new and suitable location. At least the project being continues. Well done..

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