Friday, May 28, 2010


It's end of May, middle of the year. Wow.. Time pass fast.
Happy Wesak Day to all buddish in Malaysia.. I'm working today while lots of other companies are close. Hmmm.. Holiday mood.

I'd copied this from, just have a read on what Wesak Day means.

Wesak Day is the most important festivals of the Buddhists in Malaysia and fall in the month of May. It is celebrated to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and death of Lord Buddha because according to Buddhists, all the three events took place on the same lunar date. The celebration for the Wesak day begins much before the dawn when the Buddhists gather in Buddhist temples for worship all over Malaysia. The celebration is done with prayers, chants, offerings and giving alms. The Buddhist eat a vegetarian diet prior to the festival in order to cleanse and purify themselves. Doves and tortoises are released on the Wesak Day as a symbolic gesture of releasing the soul and giving up the past sins. Free meals are also given to the needy on the Wesak Day.



Another big celebration and holiday for Sabahan in May is Kaamatan Festival. It will be next two days so just take this opportunity to wish all Sabahan Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan.

Just my silly advice, since Kamaatan always related to local alchohol drink with the word "Logop", "Kogutan", "Kalapik", "Aramai tii" which all are relate to the meaning of get drunk, just want to say that eventhough its already culture since long time ago but don't drink too much & get drunk till sleep at the road side or sleep next to the vomit. Why I'm saying that way is also because Sabahan from a certain district always been 'chop' a good drinker. What I mean here is, people ever asked me,
"Where are you come from?"
"Oh kalau Ranau mustahil tidak bulih kasi habis. Minum minum minum.. Bulih itu kalo orang Ranau."
and keep on refill my glass. You see that perception, I'm tired of it. Not everyone from Ranau can drink & for those heavy drinkers, show some positive attitude to make others stop judge us in negative way. I don't know, may be some people proud to be call as a good drinker?
Boring me huh? Minum pun kana marah. xoxo.. It's not good for health ba especially the unfiltered local alchohol.. Just be grateful & thankful for the harvested product on Harvest Festival & continue for the hardwork for next planting season. & I'm wonder will I wear this type of costume some day? xoxo..

It's Rungus traditional costume, colorful.. ^_^

Proud to be Sabahan.


Etine Herms said...

Wis, agree with you about people's perception. You know im from Tambunan and not to be rude but some people dont understand what NO mean. Sometimes they even said, Moginum is Orang Tambunan trademark.Do they know that not all people are drinkers like them. Its always hurt me when they said Org Tambunan kuat minum. They forget to mention that they are not org Tambunan but they are supernaturally Heavy Drinker.I mean they cant just put a label on someone. We're human too and we do have feeling, right?

Wiskies said...

Tulah, anyone who came from Tambunan, Ranau, Keningau, Penampang always been labeled as heavy drinker. For those not drinker also been black listed.