Thursday, May 27, 2010


Look at this thing, cute eh?

My sis requested me to bought it for her. Original price was RM15.

There is zip at the back, and it actually is a pencil case.
It's cute but I want to tell you that I just feel like to hit my head everytime I think about this.

As I said, the original price is RM15. I saw a sign wroten 2 for RM20.
Hmm ok.. I chose 2 and went straight to the counter.

"Miss, ambil 1 lagi RM20.."
"Sana tulis RM20 dua tu.."
"RM20 untuk tiga. Miss ambil satu lagi lah.."
"Oh.. Kalau gitu saya ambil satu saja lah. Saya nampak sana tulis RM20 dua."


Confident but I was blured,
paid & went home but not satisfied,
keep complaining to myself about the sign & the shop was cheating,
they didn't practice what they'd stated,
until I realize how stupid I was 3 hours later.
Yes it wroten there 2 for RM 20 but doesn't 3 for RM20 is better?
OMG.. I'd rejected better offers & argued with the salesgirl some more. So embarrassing.
Since when I failed in shopping & mathematic so stupidly?
I think I'm going to hang myself like this.


Etine Herms said...

Hehehe...Funny o. Btw, where u bought that?

Lizeewong said...

3 for RM20?????? I would've gone back to the shop and took the offer! cute ba!

Wiskies said...

Kris, sana wawasan plaza. Lupa nama kedai dia, tapi d ground floor tu.

Lizee, it's cute & I was so stupid didn't pick 3! OMG! I still geram with myself until now.