Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Another changes again? xoxo.. Well more things will change on me within this year but I'm starting to loving it.
Since status has changed, lot of things have to think more deeper and have to consider my other half for most of the time. Even a simple thing like, I'm going back to my hometown, I have to consider to go back in-law's hometown too now. -_-" It make me feel & realize that I'm an adult now but I'm lucky so far everyone understand me. & I'm trying to do my best. Same to my other half (I still feel weird to call & introduce him as my husband) :p, his problem will be my problem too; his dillema will be my dillema too.
Both of us has started our own business since end of last year. Till to date, it running smoothly although slow but almost 30% - 40% of the progress completed. But only within this month, he gets 3 different job offers. Of course none of it had confirmed yet at the moment but it's 3 good things coming in, thank god for it! Eventhough it came not in the right timing, but we actually headache for good things, not because of jobless. Murah Rezeki..
How? We had spent big amount of money into the business, it's growing almost half way at the moment, and now damn good offer coming in. It will not based in Sabah but it offers house, car & return air ticket to Sabah every year. Wise decision needed here. We calculated what will we get, our business will reach the same income as the monthly salary for the job only after more than 1 or 2 years. Of course after that business will produce more profit, just bit suffer in this 1 to 2 years but if he accept the offer, that expected amount of RM will came to us as earlier as starting from next 3 months, but what had we pay for starting the business will just burn that way (or maybe not burn, we don't know yet). hurmm.. I just wish that I able to run the business & let him go for the offer. Eh greedy.. xoxo.. but both of us sure either will be more farer, or both of us will be farer to our parents & siblings.
It's common sense, when people willing to offer you such great offer, it means you have to ready to work like a bull. I'm just worry on that especially the regular outstation but no matter what's our final decision later, this post of mine is not for show off. I just really thank god for the good offer and record this dillema for us to remember. This will be great & may be funny history when we success 1 day.


Etine Herms said...

Wis, like they said 'blessing in disguise'....They offer you good $$ but work sux! Whatever you choose, Good Luck for both for you & May God guide you throughout the decision making period. ;)

Wiskies said...

Yabah.. memang gitu la tu kan.. if kerja relax, people will not pay u such high pay & good benefit.