Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Just done a very simple small ceremony requested by my mum during last holiday, something like sending dowry. Only within my family & guy's side. Thanks for those who spend time to come especially to my own siblings, their kids & a friend for supporting, helping cooking & prepared things. As I said I just prefer simple & don't want to make others feel difficult. Even my brother felt guilty he unable to come back. Nothing else I need actually other than blessing & understanding from every of my family members, that's it. The following journey after this is far more important.
Ignore the background, I know it's messy.

Different culture different family will request different things. For my family, especially my mum had requested:
- 2 different types of cottons
- 2 packs of sweet
- 2 packs of red dates
- 2 stem of sugarcane
- 2 kg of pork
- 1 pair of live chicken
- 2 bottles of honey
- 2 bottles of, suppose to be lihing but been changed to sparkling juice
- cakes
- 20 boxes of cake for distribution
Nothing much here, lucky that my family didn't request thing like buffalos or set of gong. The only not-so-logic-thing here you can see is the 20 boxes of cake. What to do, just full fill what had been requested, we sent & distribute the cakes to our relatives after the ceremony.
For my dad request, he didn't request anything including any cash of 'Berian'. Yes, none. Our marriage signing is enough for him, he just wished us to be happy ever after & have a good life.
The above cake has the most fans on that day. ^_^ Thanks for the home made baker accepted my order, it was seriously hard for me to look for home made cake during that time around. It was school holiday & wedding season. I'd ordered it from Atiqah Kitchen.


Gallivanter said...

This is sweet, I just got married myself, and my wife's a Kadazan while I'm Indian...but the wedding, was filled with cultural fun...congrats! :-D

Etine Herms said...

Wis! Luv the cakes!!! Ur wedding..its unique & i like it! No kecoh2 kan. Simple but meanful :)
Congrats again! ;)

Wiskies said...

Hi Gallivanter, thanks for dropping by & congrats to you too. Visited your blog & saw your photos, it's beautiful & from the photos I can know & believe it was fun. :))

kris, every wedding will be unique ba. hehe.. got kecoh also, sure got kecoh eventhough small & simple. The only different is lagi grand lagi bnyk & besar kecoh, & we tried to avoid it.

adrinamrdn said...

ok bah tu wis....simple and very satisfying..smua hepi kan.
oh ya mau tya pasal tu cupcakes what i know, my mum pun mcm ada request jg tu from the guy side..but then old tradition bah tu kan..i guess, it's only a sign from our family to other relatives that there is someone in the family is getting married or kna pinang..hehehe..

Lizeewong said...

That's great. Simple and less hassle right? Congrats!

Wiskies said...

adrina, old tradition la tu.. coz biasanya tunang tdk jemput ramai org. Tapi after tunang tu p hantar kek bagi relative & kwn2, mcm announcement juga la..

Thanks lizee.. Yeah less hassle but still there is hassle. different culture again..

rose123 said...

Hi wis, congratulation on your wedding....kenapa tidak panggil sia jadi pengapit....heheheheh...congratulation also to your forthcoming bundle of joy...God bless both of you..

Wiskies said...

thanks rose.. just read ur comment. simple2 & family2 ja ba kami buat tu, nanti baru buat makan2 jemput org..