Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This post gonna talk about my resolution / wishes / plan for this year. It's May, middle of the year but why do I only mention about it now?
1. I never mentioned about it end of last year nor early of this year.
2. I'd ever said that resolution and plan can be made any time, not only during new year.
3. I'm actually not going to tell people publicly about my plan or wishes but today I wroten down this post, it's because I'm going to change and restructure my plan due to some reason.
- Get my letter of appoinment and change my job. Checked.
- Prepare for CNY, I mean prepare budget for CNY. Checked.
- Activate my business. Checked but really slow progress.
- Expenses for CNY. Checked eventhough not that succeed. What I mean here is I only managed to help and spend little of my money to my family during the event.
- Suppose to buy new TV for my family. NOT CHECKED! Damn.
- Repair & make my hair do. Not checked since I've lot of other thing are more important than this.
- MegaSale on March & get a good quality bag for myself. Checked.
- Targeted business start to get stable in this month and expend it. Not checked due to some reason.
- Targeted more income from business & ready for house deposit. It's May now & this is not 'checked' at all.
- Change my handphone. If you saw my handphone, oh my.. LOL.. It's outdated & full of scrathes not joking but since I'm aiming the one that is expensive, so this plan have to postpone.
- Book & plan for a vacation. This plan have to change.
- Renew Passport. Not going anywhere this year & not going to renew.
- Get a Guess watch for myself. Oh yes I'm aiming a Guess watch but this plan have to postpone. There's some other things are more important than this.
- Try to arrange loan for a new house. Since business not stable yet, unable to do this within this time around.
- Preparation for my enggagement. Plan changed.
- Expend business again.
- Get enggage. Plan changed.
- Vacation. This plan unable to be done within this year.
- Get myself a laptop. Will think about this again.
Nov & Dec
- Preparation for Wedding for next year.
If you can see it's more to financial management, yeah coz I want to get everything with my own earned money. I just don't want to overspend during the month, that is why even buying a single bag is inside my plan. Some people just said why don't I request it from bf. I just don't understand why today's life, people allow people to become so materialistic. For me if you love that person than don't make him suffer. It's his responsibility to take care of the financial for the family after married, not during couple. Nanti kalau tidak jadi kahwin & after break mengungkit lagi kana kisas.
That's only my own opinion anyway. Now every of my plan changed. Will only announce here later why everything has changed & I just hope my new plan will bring a new better life for me.


Etine Herms said...

Wsi, wanna join u for the vacation... btw, i ody check airasia, Aug mcm cheap the ticket! Jeles o me!

Wiskies said...

Ya tulah lama tdk vacation kan.. company trip pun tiada. Lot of cheap ticket ba but now gigit jari ja la dulu. Can't go vacation within this few months oh..