Thursday, May 13, 2010


Nothing much in this post, just for updating my blog. Showing some photos, cute things that I'd bought for last month.

Doesn't the above things are cute? ;) I'd bought 1 set last year for my niece and my mum told me that my small nieces were snatching and crying for it. Well I have a lot of my niece and I only bought 1 set that time. LOL. My mum requested me to buy some more sets but unfortunately it was sold out. Saw it was new stock last few weeks then I quickly grabbed it.

Doesn't the above thing is cute too? xoxo.. When you pull up the rabbit,

it toothpicks inside. ^_^ Toothpick not getting dirty this way & it's cute.

Colorful sepit baju..

for clipping underwear. xoxo.. Actually it use for clipping documents.

The above actually is a pen. The toy on it was just so cute, is for 1 of my niece.
That's it. xoxo.. ;)

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