Friday, May 14, 2010


I'm in dillema. Dillema for a very small and simple thing. I don't know which to choose. I'm going to order home made cupcakes, funny but it's true I'm in dillema by a simple cake for the 1st time in my life. xoxo.. Normally only order a big cake, just cut it depends on how many guest but this time, I'm thinking to get cupcakes. I have thinked about it since past few weeks, thinking to place an order yesterday unfortunately I'm still not decided yet.

1. Quantity - Guest will be around 28 person but I don't know how many cupcakes should I order. 30? 32? 38? or more?

2. Flavour - Kids are cake lover. I'm thinking to order strawberry flavour somehow I know that some of the kids (the guest) will only eat choclate cake. So what now? Chocolate flavour would be different price, or should I mix?

3. Decor - Complicated decoration for the cake will be more expensive. So what color to choose? I think I will go to red but which design?

too flowery?

This would be consider complicated design and will be more expensive.


or this?

Sweet design..
Hmm.. I should place my order within this few days otherwise I will be late.. >_<
For those who would like to order or have a view for home made cake order, can check out Pink Roses Cake and also Deana Cake and also Atiqah's Baking. For KK area only. ;)


Lizeewong said...

Thanks for the info! They look divine! Am planning to order some for an occasion in August :)

Wiskies said...

yes.. can contact them & order through email, easy.. Just need to be early, don't be like me. hehe..

Adrynna a.k.a inDut said... how la wis?? have you book any? my aunt mcm pdai buat cup cake but dunno the price..hehe..for what occasion jg ni?

Wiskies said...

ya at last I get it. thanks indut.. by the way, aunt ko d kk juga?

Adrynna a.k.a inDut said...

iya..she's in uncle pya wife bah actually..aunty jg la kan..hehe..cek her fb la..sharon leong tu nama dia. so where la u order ur cup cake??

Wiskies said...

Thanks indut.. saya order sama atiqah. ada saya kasi link d atas, dia buat juga utk saya walaupun busy. hehe..