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There was 1 afternoon when I was study in KL before, My x-housemate and I were watching the 60's / 70's video clip (I'd forgoten the singer & song) and we actually been amused by it. Well the fashion, hair, action was old style. 1 of my housemate just told me that, after 20 years from now, the younger generation will feel amused with today's fashion and video clip too. At that time everything will be in technology even a singer or actress might be a virtual 3D person moving and dancing on the TV screen. Yes it's not imposibble.

I'd been invited to join an e-learning seminar (score A program) by my aunt. Well in my mind it might be a multilevel marketing which is so popular now adays. You can know it when some1 suddenly call and approched you nicely, and insist you to go somewhere together with them. Checked out from internet before accepted the invitation and oh yes it's true, it's a multi level marketing business. I know my aunt wanted to drag me to join, she has a very good approach and at the same time I was interested to know more about their product too. So, I'd attended the seminar together with her last night.

Overally I love the product and overally I unlike the speakers. Sorry to say but this is only my own opinion. I know they are working hard to earn money too but their minded and the way they tried to drag people in was clearly showed they are so so so desperately greedy.
ok score A is a good product. Because of they knew that today's kids love technology, this program is just trying to make the learning process more interesting using internet / technology. What the parent need is just ready a computer / labtop, broadband for internet connection and register score A account.
Parents have to BUY a password from this company for the student to log in. The system stored notes and pass year questionaires, for primary 1 until form 5 in every subjects. They had arranged chapter by chapter very well for the student follow the syllabus and stored pass year question (UPSR, PMR and SPM) since pass 16 years. It means they'd stored the exam question from 1993 until last year's question.

Student can check and do their revision by just checking the notes and there will be so call i-teacher too. What you need to do is just choose you feel the most hensom/ beautiful teacher.

I was studied in IT field before and our University was a virtual university which mean we was learning via e-learning. We didn't need to go to class, just online to attend class and so do the lecturer. Want to know what happen with this kind of learning style? IT DOESN'T WORK and there is no virtual University in Malaysia anymore till today. My University was the last did it. I still remember it was the time, every student logged in and attended the class so do the lecturer logged in and gave tutor. Everybody kept quite accept the lecturer talking alone without seeing us in the system, and when the lecturer asked question no body answer. You know what had happened? Every student had log in the class just for attendance and then went to toilet break for 2 hours till the class finished. You know what I mean, every1 escaped. It was damn boring tutorial and really doesn't work as good as face to face class.

So do this i-teacher as mentioned by score A program. I'd tried to logged in the demo using the demo ID and tried it. Yes the i-teacher given response, answered question but it does not give a really satisfied answer sometimes especially when I asked stupid question. LOL.

Other than notes and this "clever" teacher, student also can picked a composition title, wrote a composition and sent to the system. The staff or so-called "teachers" behind the system will check, mark and return it back to student within two days.

Regarding the questionaires, student can attend trial exam which has timer follow the exact exam time. The result will then send to parent's handphone and also will showed under a "notice board" in the system. Every student's result from every part of Malaysia will be show there then the student can know what is their ranking. Good? That is the founder's idea. Tuition price for a student in the city:

and by register score A,

For 2 children RM600, subsciption for 6 months + RM50 for the activation.

The student can do revision on every subject with this system, but I feel that student still need tuition, parent guidance and may be this score A can be another extra exercises for student.

or, they have promoted another package

take ePartner Saver Package.

Now, this was the most disgusting part. Talking about the RM RM RM that you can earn from this ePartner Saver Package.

"If you have no kids, It's OK. This is for you. Very simple! You just have to follow 2 steps to get income!"

"Step 1, share and look for only 2 downline then you can get bla bla bla.."

"Step 2, look for another 2 downline to join then you can get bla bla bla.."

If you want to know, they'd highlighted this part and for them this is the most interesting part.
Testimonial Speaker 1:
"I was working in KL before, working with a bank. My salary was around RM2,000 - RM3,000. When I came back here, I was jobless and I didn't know what to do. Found out that vacancy in Sabah only offered very small salary. I'd tried to join a lot of multilevel marketing but this Kenshido marketing is the best and it works for me. I'd received RM5,000 for the 1st month I'd joined."
Testimonial Speaker 2:
"There are 3 types of person.
1, when they hear about this, they opened their mind and quikly find way to join it & change their life.
2, when they hear about this, they will ask you to do 1st and look for them when u success.
3. when they hear about this, they'll say we are cheating and totally condemn us.
Now, which 1 are you?"
Testimonial Speaker 3:
"I was a marketing officer before selling property. My salary and commision could reach til RM8,000 per month. I quited my job and do this Kenshido marketing full time and only the 1st month, I get more than RM2,000. That was starting, doesn't that great? I have no diploma and no degree but I can do it."
Testimonial Speaker 4:
"I was an engineer before. I worked for the company more than 1 year. My salary was RM2,200 for the starting but it was not enough for my monthly expenses at all. I worked very hard for the company but my increment was only RM130. It stil not enough for me, I quited my job and start this and do you know how much I get now? RM10,100. What for work with other people? Don't you have a dream? Join us now!"
Nothing wrong with the marketing system actually, but the speakers were really wrong for me. They are not a good example at all. I, as the potential customer doesn't want to hear about this la.. I need to hear the testimonial about the product not your income.
Dear Testimonial Speaker 1:
Oh you really don't know what to do until you join most of the multilevel marketing in Malaysia. It's not easy to look for a good job in Sabah somehow actually there is good job in Sabah. Anyway, good luck.
Dear Testimonial Speaker 2:
I'm not in this 3 person that u mentioned. I'm interested with the product not the marketing or so called "business" that u introduce. I will rather just take the normal portal only for using the program than become your downline and then find my own downline too. I know u just geram with those people who don't believe you & don't want to be your downline, & you are trying to insinuate. It's not that I don't believe the income. I know it's true but I know it's not that easy as you talk. What will happen if you actice but your downline is not active? Your income will stop my friend. To get such income I have to spend more to become your donline, then I have to find my downline, then I have to make sure my downline is actice and have their downline too & so on. Otherwise, it wasted money wasted energy & wasted time. If not serious, better don't join. This is not business at all, this is just a marketing strategy by the brillian people. Brilliant people own the business not you. They'd just using you to become their marketing people without hiring. You work more then you gain more for yourself, that's it.
Dear Testimonial Speaker 3:
You are not a good example. So do you encourage people to quit their job & join you? You know how hard to find even 1 downline but you cheating people. From your RM8,000 salary to RM2,000 income? Good.. I can give a same testimonial like you too. I can simply told people this is my car at the moment.


This program is just good for kids if you have kids, then share with other people preferable those who have kids too. It's something like market & share it slowly from time to time. Not rushing & desperately drag people to join. You will easily dispointed that way. Don't only see the money figure, money is evil. It's up to people whether they want to join it or not, they want to do it full time or part time.

Dear Testimonial Speaker 4:
You are a great speaker, congrats to that but 1 thing I want to say is, people don't join your Kenshido marketing doesn't mean they would like to work for other people for their whole life. You are working with Kenshido founder too, aren't you? You do marketing for him. It's not your product Mr. If you are really brilliant, come out a new product and start your own multilevel marketing business. That is really yours. For me, I'm working not only for money. I'm learning things here. I've just imagined that my salary is RM10,000 here but the company never pay me so because they'd deducted for my learning fee and that imagination really work for me. Where can I buy such knowledge and experience? Even the best bookshop in the world doesn't sell it. And I work with other people doesn't mean I satisfied with my current situation. I have my dream but not with joining your Kenshido marketing. It's better for me to start a real business myself than joining you.
What testimonial we really would like to hear is, tell us something good about your product not your salary. I'll clap my hand if those young testimonial speaker had told us how their younger brother & sister's result has improved but it was not. I was yawning and feel it was disgusting.
Hey young people, try to be open minded in a right way. Be realistic, not competing. We can compete but do compete in a correct way too. When you earn this much, don't try to spend THIIIIIISSSSS much.. When you love to spend THIIIIIIIIISSSS much, that is why you'd been attracted by the virtual money figure easily. Well for those who joined any multilevel marketing, I'm not condemn you but I'll just wishing you good luck.

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