Thursday, April 29, 2010


I was away for 2 days conference in Sutera Habour.

My boss registered my name for the conference and instructed me to attend it. I was feeling like not interested to attend it in the first place but I was shocked and changed my mind when I saw the fee was RM1,150 per person. Somehow, thanks a million to my boss. I know not everyone have the opportunity like me, who want to pay RM1,150 freely for you to attend a course huh? Knowledge goes to me not the payer. I'm very lucky, I've just worked here for few months, I'd been sent to a good conference while others attent it for the 1st time after they'd worked here for 5 years.

Back to normal today, the only thing that I remember from there is only the food and Micheal Jackson performance.

Just kidding. Honestly I've learned a lot of things in that 2 days conference. MJ performance is only 1 small part but what to do, that is the thing that most sticked in my mind till now. Of course I don't remember everything been taught that is why we have been given notes and I took my own notes too. Will share some meaningful statements here which I think very good but I'm not going to elaborate more here. U might feel like some of it are not related but if you want to know more then u can attent the conference next year. ;)

Our 1st speaker was Dr. Edwin Varo. Who is Dr. Edwin Varo?

He has the title Dr., someone who has 2 basic degree, 2 MBA, 1 PHD and ever worked in 6 different countries. He has a son who studying psychology at the moment. Having his own business at the moment and he is a great speaker.

Well I just love a speaker / tutor / lecturer who always tell and share their pass experience. It would be more interesting speak that way and here are some of the interesting (for me) point.

- Love and kiss urself every morning. U can't love others if u don't love urself.
- Life is not about how we start, it's all about how it finish.
- There are 8 different types of intelligence. Having lot of A's in school exam is only 1 or 2 of the type of intelligence.
- Forgive people, forget the pass.
- Bring Joy to others.
- Don't compete, be realistic. Today's people are more materialistic and it's unhealthy.
- Who is the best negotiators in the world? Answer: Children.
- There is someone who celebrated and having Failure Night Dinner.
- Never say 'I don't have enough time'. Manage activity within the times given.
- Ray Kroc is the person who start Mc Donald.
- Chairwoman and CEO of Pepsi is Inda Nooyi.
- Good or bad, the starter is ourselves.
- Knowledge is for everyone. Who never share their knowledge to others goes no way.
- Never met supplier alone unless if u are the boss.
- France people can have their lunch for 4 hours. Even food they'd romance.
- Avoid plastic plant near 2 u, live plant is the best.
- Eagle can live up to 70 years but it has trouble in his life when its age reach 40 due to heavy thick feather and its mouth getting more bent down make it hard to hunt food.
- In reality, organization does not care about us. The only person responsible for our career is ourselve.

For the following photo, is regarding the coke-cola company who wanted to enter Arab market last time. Because the Arab people didn't know how to read english, so he made poster and pasted all over the place but what had happen was,

Our 2nd speaker was Ching Lee Hwa but I didn't manage to take her photo. Her point:
- What is the last time u walk with ur barefoot on the grass?
- 8 hours for family, 8 hours for work and 8 hour for health.
- Your development determine the future.
- Some1 sitting under the shade today is because some1 planted the tree long time ago.
- 7% is verbal communication, 93% is non verbal communication. From the 93%, 38% is from vocal tones and 55% is through facial expression.
- Different people has different type of character. Study people from their character and work follow their style. I'm a supine person, my boss is melancholy person and my bf is choleric person. ;)
- Good food, sleep, quality time & exercise.

The most surprising session was our lunch and tea break. Well it's Sutera Habour and the food was always nice but the waiter & waitress's service was really2 slow & unprofessional. Sorry to say that but it's true. What had happened was the food was late for most of the time, we were standing almost 5 minutes just waiting for them to refill the food and drink while our tea break was only 15 minutes including toilet break. I didn't mind about the food but at least the hot drink, the ballroom was really cold for me indeed.

Except the 2nd day's lunch, it was special & even has dance performance, lucky draw and fashion show. Wow what a seminar but anyway, the fashion show was just an advertisement. They just grabbed the opportunity to do marketing & their target was just working women. Well yeah the Micheal Jackson Sabah's performance was incredible for me that is why it still sticked in my mind. I believe so do the other attendees.

MJ in action.

Fashion show. I captured lot of photos and I think I should open another different post just to show the fashion 1 by 1.

For me this is the most gorgeous model & the most pretty baju kurung that afternoon.

Some dance performance.

OK back to the class..

The last speaker was Hjh. Rosmawati Hj. Lasuki from YS Group. She only given a short but very inspiring talk, more on her own life and experience. Nothing else I think about her when I saw her name as 1 of the speaker. I just remembered that, I always called her office to catch her and her PA like hell when I worked with my x-company. And yesterday, I'd just sit and hear she talked.

"It's not because of I'm a speaker,
but I just want to share my journey.
I hope others can follow my footpath,
or do better than me."

Overally, I'm happy with the conference. I've learned lot of things indirectly and from this conference, I saw my own big weaknesses. I just don't like to be social with people I don't know. What I mean is there are over 100 people who attended the conference, and I'd only manage to get to know little of new people. I don't know why I'm not friendly enough, I'm not interested and I admit I really new in my current profession. I'm not use to a lot of things yet and I'm still under learning process. I'm not sure how far will I go but I'm looking forward for another free workshop/seminar/conference/course. ;)


Etine Herms said...

Wow..lucky o u....

Wiskies said...

ya i'm lucky.. ^_^

Lizeewong said...

That really looked awesome and fun! I love going to conferences too hehe

shirley said...

hi.. i was there too.. i am so inspired now i am a certified NLP practitioner..still holding my post of course.

pia2010 said...

Hi Wisiah. I attended the same conference with you. Thanks for posting your notes. Agree with what you wrote mostly. Haha. Yes it was an interesting conf but would be better if they cut the entertainment I should say. I didn't manage to catch up wz u. I just remember asking Dr E on how to differentiate between 'attitude' and 'behaviour' as I am having problem wz one of my subordinate in the ofc. It helps. Well, hpr we'll meet in another conference in future. Preferably by Dr E alone. Cheers!