Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Just showing some photos in this entry. It's my home town. It's nothing, simple yet relax.
Kampung house during CNY. Rumput malu pun nampak lawa juga sometimes. ^_^

Early in the morning.. The corn tree today, all been bited by the neighbour's hen and cock.

Clean & fresh air.. This is just around 20 degree celcius.

It still hot in the afternoon but it's really blue blue sky.

Acting strong..

I'm amused with the above and following photo but i don't know why I still snap them. The worm is quite big and two worms on a same small flower plant.

I am who I am. Some one came from kampung yet proud of myself and my background. Offended few people this recently. I am who I am, sturborn enough and strong standpoint. I know lot of people don't believe and will say I'm someone boring and talking non-sense but I believe in myself. I'm planning my life & I know I will be better than others. Just intented to advice others coz i'm concern but people think differently.


JanGkiE said...

sia rindu 2 nahhh~ gunung~ heheheh

Wiskies said...

ya jangkie.. dulu saya study d kl pun rindu tul tinguk gunung..