Saturday, April 10, 2010


Something and some people has spoiled my day today. I really unhappy but till now I didn't scold anyone coz I'm respect them. Just express it here coz I don't think I've done anything wrong.
Thing is like this..
Yesterday evening, our office received a notice from the management telling that electricity power will be shut down from 6am til 10am for some maintainance purposes. I get the notice from a collegue, then I'd sticked it on the notice board.
This morning, I still came early. When I reached office, there are two (2) staffs sat inside reading news paper in the dark. Once my foot steped in, they'd asking why I didn't tell them about the power supply will be off. They'd said that if they knew it they'll come bit late since other staffs whose knew it came late too. I'd told that the notice was on the notice board, they still blaimed me didn't inform them. This made me hot.
WTF. One of the guy staff, ok I understand his wife admitted in the hospital now and he is taking care 4 of his children. May god bless his wife and I understand that he just wish that it's better if he can spend one more hour with his children. But another one, I just can comment "gosh.." If people cooked meal for you, you still want people feed it into your mouth? I was pretending cool but actually hot and nearly asked them to just throw the notice board into the South China Sea.

What for we put a notice board if never want to use it in a right way? Who suggested to buy and stick the notice board on the wall in the first place? Tell me what's the purpose of notice board. I'D STICK THE NOTICE ON THE NOTICE BOARD BUT THEY STILL BLAIMED ME DIDN'T INFORM THEM! KEEP ON OFFENDED WHEN TALKING TO OTHER STAFFs! Wow..

Another thing is, we'd signed our appointment letter and WORKING HOUR is 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday while 9am - 1pm on Saturday. It's our responsibility to be in the office DURING that office hour, aren't we? Eventhough you know there will be no power supply til 10am, we still MUST be in the office during the working hour, at least stand by to answer phone call. I knew about the notice but I still came 9am what. Jeezzz.. Others came late is their own business lah. What for you want to follow?

Yes I'm unhappy but I just keep quite didn't say anything, pretending I've done wrong coz I respect them. As I've ever said before, most of my collegues are veterant. But if anyone of my collegue check out and read this, I just want to advise that please hit and throw the notice board for me. The notice board is useless. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

there's nothing wrong if the employees comes earlier, as per normal, even during power shut down, as it is the proper thing to do.

it is just because people nowadays dont read notice board anymore, so much relying on the webware communication, i guess ?

maybe you can inform everybody thru mail messenger, if have any, as well.. however, memo in the notice board is still a MUST, though.
but there is NO need to make a verbal announcement.
everybody must have an awareness on their surroundings..

Wiskies said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm blur too and will improve myself. It just that I was hot when I posted this entry.