Saturday, April 17, 2010


It's spring Season in Sabah! Wheee.. ^_^

Ok it's not spring season, it's just the season of tabebuia. Some people call it 'sakura' but actually this tree is call tabebuia tree.
This tree had been planted at most of the places in Kota Kinabalu and now it's the season for it to bloom. Yes the whole tree and the whole street of the tabebuia tree are blooming and my bf told me that he felt that he was in Korea. o_O
I didn't manage to capture a good and beautiful photos. The above photo had been captured after raining yesterday morning. Just simply clicked the camera and then cross the road rushing to office.
Falling flower all over the ground under the tree.
Congrats to DBKK.. Planting this tree for the lanscape in KK really make me happy when this tabebuia is blooming. xoxo..

Appreciate beautiful things and nature around you. Photos I'd taken and upload here are not pretty enough. Just come to KK yourself to see the beauty of it with your own eyes. It's true really beautiful than in these photos and you will feel like you are in Korea. LOL.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

wah! so nice! doesnt look like in msia!

Wiskies said...

yes absolutely nice & beautiful.. ^_^

Lizeewong said...

They do look like cherry blossoms! Gorgeous :)

Wiskies said...

Thanks for dropping by here Lizee.. yes they are beautiful, been planted in a lot of places in kk, and all blooming at once.