Monday, August 2, 2010


I suppose to post this entry since long time ago. xoxo..

I received blog award from hot babe! Auwww.. ;) Meaning to say there is still someone reading & visiting my blog. LOL. Yeah I always thought that I wrote my blog only for myself to read.

Thanks to the gorgeous Nancy for that, there was three awards but I'd only copy one. My blog is still far from the standard to get those awards but I think it's good for me to pass the award to someone else here. Her blog is one of the real interesting too & honestly I like to visit & always follow her update. Keep it up babe.. ;)

Gorgeous huh? Control your nose bleeding guys, now click & visit Potraits, Dreams & Memories regularly to find out more about her. ;)

Before passing the award there is 1 more rule which, I have to share 7 things that people don't know about me. There might more than 7 but the rules say so. This rule really makes me nervous & think a lot before I clicked the ‘publish post’ button. I might weird & I’m secretive but these are based on true story.

1. I don’t like durian.

I said that I don’t like durian doesn’t mean I hate & don’t eat durian at all. I still eat durian, it just that I don't like it & will not eat more than 2 pieces.

My dad was one of the durian producer in my hometown. I still remember when I was a kid, I use to help my dad to sell durian in tamu. The durians had been packed in big plastic bag and we have to carry to the tamu for sell. My hand, both left and right leg especially my calf was full with scars by the durian’s thorn. Well just a kid and it was heavy for me to carry few durians in a single big plastic. Now my dad won't sell it in Tamu anymore but we have durian stall at the road side Ranau - Sandakan highway which in front of our own durian farm, only open during durian season.

I used to love durian but there was one record happened to me which my nose bleeding 3 times a day. I’d been banned to eat durian since then and I’d started to dislike durian until today. The only durian that I love to eat and can eat a lot is this..

According to some people this type of durian only available in Sabah and it grows wild. Correct me if I’m wrong. We called it as Sukang in my hometown and it does not has strong durian smell. No matter how much I ate, this type of durian have will not cause me nose bleeding and the taste are more yummy than other types of durian. ^_^ but honestly, I don’t know how to slaughter a durian at all, I only know how to sell & eat. xoxo..

2. I seldom buy things, but if I buy, I’ll choose a good quality

This is the phone model I’m using at the moment, plus LOTS OF SCRATCHES on the body of the phone. I’ve used it for more than 4 years and I'm still using it now. It’s outdated, full is scratches and I always have problem when others wanted to forward some photos, video or music to me. No Bluetooth, no mp3, no mp4, no 3g, MMS not activated, no memory card, no dual sim card, no radio, no tv ect. So outdated.

A friend saw my hp and he said, “Wah Wisiah, you are only either 1. May be you are really economical or you are really stingy.”

LOL. None of the above.

Okay no.1, I’m not that fancy about hp like most of people.

No. 2, I seldom buy things (okay except for food & clothes) but once I buy, I’ll choose a good quality 1 and never care about the price. I know I will use a thing for very long time. If I’m not afford to have it then I’ll save money (no matter how long I have to wait) until I afford to buy it. Just like my camera. Some people said I can buy a SLR camera with the price of my digital camera. I knew it but I have my own reason why I still want that digital camera, it’s compact & good quality. (The time I bought la, now of course it’s outdated already.)

Same to my hp.. I actually aiming some phone that I like & I’m still saving money. I’m not rushing to have it anyway, my phone still in good condition, only outside look ugly. I’m not rich but sorry I’m not going to buy a China made 1 too. Xoxo..

3. I don’t talk my problems to my family and they become more worry

Yes I’m secretive & may be mysterious. I seldom tell others about my problems except to my man. Even my best friends don’t know lot of things about me and my background at all. I always try to solve things myself. If it doesn’t work then I’ll seek help from my man 1st or friends. That was exactly what I always did. Thank god most of the things solved by myself most of the time, sucked everything & just follow whatever happened to me.

My family getting worried easily when they knew I have problems, always try to interfere & arranged everything for me like I’m still a kids. I don’t know, it’s hard for me to speak out my problem to them. I just don’t want them to worry & be in trouble just because of me, they have their own family & own problem after all. Another thing is, my family members & relatives are quite conservative & typical minded. They don’t agree with lot of things that today’s young people like me doing but thank god, my family are getting more and more open now & support me a lot. May be it also because of I have a big age different with all my sisters & brother, it’s not that comfortable for me to discuss or talk lot of things with them.

4. Until today, I still haven’t added any of my colleagues in my FB friend list.

I’ve logged in into my FB account regularly but until today I still haven’t added any of my colleagues. It ever happened in my x-company where my x-lady boss warned her staff after she checked & knew her staff’s activities through FB. Not that serious case but to avoid that kind of things happen, I still haven’t added any of my current colleagues & bosses into my FB friend list. Only planned to add them if I’m ready to resign. ^_^

5. Only go to saloon once a year

Oh yeah I don’t have beautiful hair & I only go to saloon once or twice a year. I’m so lazy to go saloon, it needs time, even my weekend is always full of schedule, I normally been charge more in saloon on any services compare to others coz I have really thick hair, & not always get satisfied outcome after come out from the saloon. Yeah I always have to pay more for perm, straightening or dying hair and it takes longer time to do it compare to other people's hair.

6. I don’t know how to swim

I would love the activities like water rafting and snookerling but can I do that if I don't know swimming? Some people told me yes. Soon or later, I know I still have to learn swimming coz I know I'm going to look after kids swimming in the swimming pool in few more years. ;)

7. I have more than 5500 unchecked mail in my yahoo.

I check my email every day. Yes every single day. 5690 unchecked email doesn't mean I never checked my email. So if someone send me email, I still receive & will check it. All the 5000+ mails are forwarded email. Some friends who knew it asked me why don't I just delete it all. Forwarded email are mostly non-sence but some of it are really good knowledge. I did share some in my blog too, and yeah I really need times to check 5690 mails. With the time avalaible for me now, I only able to check may be 10 mails per day but it's not urgent anyway.


That's 7 wonder things that people don't really know about me. Now it's time for me to pass this award to other bloggers. Lot of bloggers all around my blog, my favorite blog, my readers, my follower, blog that I'd followed ect but I'll only award it to few bloggers. It's not because some of you are not qualified but I know you had ever received the same award. See, I do follow your blog and I know it. So with the full respect I give the award to the following bloggers:

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with the rules:

1. Say thank you to the person who gave the award.

2. Share 7 things that people don't know about you.

3. Pass on other blogger friends who deserve this award.

Actually what the rules wroten "pass on to 15 blogger friends" but as you can see my link not even 15 people. xoxo.. As I said in earlier on, most of the blog that I visit had ever received the awards so I only put few names here & do click on the link and visit their blog ya.. Once again, thanks for the award & thanks for visiting my blog.


Nancy said...

hehe.....sama with you on no.1 and no.7 ... I use to love durian but now hidu bau pun pandai marah.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

is that the red durian? me no likey too. but the yellow ones, HEAVEN!

Wiskies said...

Nancy: Ya.. especially kalau dlm fridge. Pandai marah. LOL..

Amanda: It's not red durian. I don't like red durian but yellow wild durian, yesss...