Thursday, August 12, 2010


I don't know about other people but this is what I feel.

When I'm working, sometimes it would be very busy and stressful, then I wished that I have a long holiday relaxing but there's still money come to me for shopping and may be travelling. Yeah sometimes I envy with some housewife who can spend a lot of time manage their house and be with their family. I wish I can be like them but of course I'm still very happy and thankful with what I have now.

Past few days, my man asked me,

"Have you drafted your resignation letter?"

I was like..

Are you sure?
Is this what I want?
Going to jobless??
What is today's date?

Keep on counting the calendar and suddenly feel sad. Going to say goodbye to another group of friends again. Oh no.. I hate that part the most but yeah that's life. Friends always come and go. Still will keep in touch but everyone have their own path and it will not as close as before anymore. Sob sob..

I feel like I've just started working here, there's still lot of things in front for me to learn. And, this is a good company, good colleagues, good boss, good working environtment, good position, good pay (for my standard & experiences), good people, good friends, good location, good good good and good. Honestly this is one of the place I've worked that I feel flexible and never feel stress. As I said, boss and colleagues are good except some of those who located in HQ KL. LOL. Sorry to say that but I'm lucky coz I'm more to operation, not related to them so I seldom deal with them but still thanks to them for processing my monthly salary.
Until now, I still haven't drafted any letter. Just settling and clear up all the outstanding one by one. Office haven't known about my plan and I'm getting more and more busier. In my mind, I just keep on thinking what should I do once I'm jobless. I hope that I'm not going to be boring, and should I start a small business that related to my interest? Can it make money? Should I start working again once I reach the new place? Should I choose to further study again for a course? Or should I just stay at home become a house manager?

You see, when there is a job for us we keep complaining; when we are jobless we are complaining too. So actually what do we want? xoxo.. I still blur.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

have a backup plan...the just-in-case-im-bored plan...or, just follow wherever life takes you :)

TheWanderingSumandak...... said...

starting over is always a bitch! However, i am sure something will come along your path, post-resignation :)

Wiskies said...

Amanda, yeah I always follow whatever life takes me & thank god it always the positive one.

Sumandak, yeah I think I have to post resignation ASAP by today.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Wiskies, I guess almost everyone feels this way....but you're still young, just have fun. Life can be tough sometimes, but there'll always be the rainbow after a rain.

By the way, I worked for 25 years, never took more than 4 days break, lost all my vacation times, and my children treated me more like an Uncle than a father.
I paid a very heavy price to reach the stars.

You stay easy, and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

Wiskies said...

Thanks Uncle Lee, yeah I'm having fun and enjoy my life.

It stil not too late to make a record taking 5 days break. Earning money will never finish, u stil can earn it after the day 5. ;) stay easy too uncle lee.. cheers~