Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I was bit late came out from home this morning & I missed the bus. I might late if I waited for the next bus, so I'd decided to take taxi to office unfortunately something amused me before I start my day in my work place.

Did you notice anything wrong? This taxi is full with furry I tell you.

Left side.
Right side.
Front sit. The air cond covered by the purple fur reminds me some monster. Don't you?

Cookie Monster. LOL.

Even the car staring and everything hanging in the car was furry. Luckily the Mr. Driver was not a furry guy otherwise I might thinked a lot before taking his taxi.

At the back.

I just felt like I was a tarzan, sat in a car accompanied by a furry King Kong.



Nancy said...

Eee...peliknya citarasa dia tu. Hahaha!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

eee...i think he likes to touch it when no one's looking! XD

Wiskies said...

Nancy, memang pelik. I don't know this is a trend or what. I saw a car with red furry cover during my lunch too.

Amanda, touch then what? high? LOL. Bikin kumpul habuk ja bulu2 mcm tu.